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Inspiring Café Stories
  • The birth of my daughter brought in a paranoia. Certain thoughts kept plaguing me, 'what if somebody did the same to my daughter?' I so desperately wanted her to live the joy and innocence that was taken away from me. My behaviour became irrational and it all reached a boiling point. I had two options, either to go completely crazy or seek professional help. Read More...

  • My palms and feet would get all sweaty with the thought of me being away on the ship. I started developing anxiety issues. Various thoughts started plaguing me. I always had an emotional dependency upon my friends and family. What would I do without them? How will I manage to be away months together from everybody, with nobody to guide me or give me assurance and validation? Who would be there to help me? Read More...

  • Jina Verma, a successful Marketing Professional was trapped in a vicious cycle of being in one abusive relationship after another. Here, she shares her story about her pattern and how she finally broke it with psychotherapy. Read More...

Happy Clients
  • I came to know about Cafe Counsel through a common friend. She said, I can seek guidance & support here. I am Rakhi, a single mother for last 8 months. I was broken, depressed and anxious regarding the future of my 8 year old. I was trying really hard to come to terms with the life but it was only after I spoke to a counselor from Cafe Counsel and that helped me not only in accepting but also in prioritizing my life. Now I feel light, I am more confident, my performance is better at work and my child feels I am a super-mom. Thank you, Cafe Counsel.

    - Rakhi Vij, Mumbai

  • There was a lay off at my company but in a different department. I started feeling weird headaches and that is when I was told, I am suffering from anxiety. I was shocked and worried even more, and found Cafe Counsel on facebook. I quickly logged in and spoke to the lady counselor available at that hour and I must say, it not only helped for that moment but the conversation and further counseling sessions also cured my anxiety. I feel light, positive and most importantly happier.

    - Anuj, Muscat

  • Emotional Distress, work overload and ambition occupied my life until one day when I started crying and that too when I wasn't able to ascertain the reason for my crying sessions. It was confusing and amusing and disturbed my life upside down. The neurologists said, it was depression and I was further shocked. After having three sessions with Cafe Counsel, I realized all I needed was some healthy conversations which the therapists topped up with some simple activities. I am emotionally strong, work is smooth and loving my life.

    - Sonakshi, New Jersey

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