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7 things my Dad taught me to handle anything which life throws at me! I’m passing the same to my child!


Life can be quite a mix ball, putting you through a roller-coaster of emotions and experiences. I too have had my share of ups and downs but thankfully, through it, all was my father’s unhindered support. I clung on to his words of wisdom which became my mantra for dealing with any kind of situation. […]


5 Tough rules checklist which I made myself to handle my future breakups!


As much as I hated all the melodramatic saas-bahu serials that came on television, my breakup was pretty much what cheesy scripts were made of. It was messy, ugly and took away the last shred of dignity I had. Think Alice Cooper eyes (with all the crying), zombie walks (with less sleeping), drunk dialing and […]


6 Symptoms Proving That You Need Anger Management Therapy – Part I (Men)  


Anger is one of the many emotions that are triggered inside a human mind and expressed accordingly. But like sugar and spice in limited measures add a dash of perfection to a dish, likewise, anger, love, and all the emotions add that flavor to our life, when experienced in limited and accepted standards. When out […]


6 Facts and Stats about Mental Health that will Shock You.!

This is the 21st century, and though we may all go gaga about the concepts of mind over body, the fact remains that as soon as the facet of health comes in, we are lagging far behind in understanding and diagnosing mental health issues. In fact, the way we care for our body, we don’t […]