5 Indian Celebrities Who Came Out in The Open About Depression

5 Indian Celebrities Who Came Out in The Open About Depression

Mental illness is still considered a taboo in the society. Uttering the M word is not acceptable in a seemingly ‘normal’ world where just the mere mention of having something wrong with you mind is deemed madness or delusion. However, just like the world does not disappear upon closing one’s eyes, ignoring mental health does not do away with its existence. It does exist and it does so in numerous forms and stages.

However, it can be said that until now, depression and anxiety were not the terms that were spoken of often, let alone being deemed worthy of treatment. With time, things are changing. More and more celebrities are coming out with their stories of how they battled their own phases of depression. There are many who argue saying that they are privileged ones who have everything in life, yet they claim to be suffering from depression. These are the ones who need to be educated about the term, for depression does not affect a person on the basis of his or her affluent status. Depression slithers its way into someone’s being, as quietly as a snake, and stays. No matter how many riches you possess, nothing can make you happy then, for the parasitic nature of the disorder eats you up from inside.

Therefore, let us take a look at these celebs who came out in the open about depression, and led the way for all those who wanted to come out and tell it to the world that they are suffering, and they need help.

Deepika Padukone

She was the first one to expressly come out and accept that she had been suffering from depression for a year. As she confessed the same on national television, with tears in her eyes and fear in her mind, with lips quivering with impact of remembering the time, it was the first time people saw beneath the surface what depression could do to a normal, happy soul. She gave a ray of hope to many, and even runs ‘Live Love Laugh Foundation’, which is solely dedicated towards helping those who suffer from anxiety and depression.

Sanjay Dutt

The ‘Munna’ who made everyone laugh with his antic and ‘jaadu ki jhappi’ on screen, was not so fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of the same. Sanjay was imprisoned for his involvement in the 1993 Mumbai blasts, again in the year 2013. So severe were the repercussions that the actor was even unable to sleep. However, he bounced back, and that is where we should look for inspiration.

Manisha Koirala

She was the one whose beautiful smile coloured the screens of the 90s. This brave woman survived cancer, and got married, looking for a happily ever after. However, that did not happen and Manisha had a divorce, following which she suffered from clinical depression. The lady did not stop or back down, and took on the monster headlong. She updated her Facebook status continuously during the time, penning down her thoughts, instead of retreating in a shell, and soon, beat depression with proper attitude and treatment.

Honey Singh

Probably one of the first Indian rappers, all of a sudden, Honey Singh vanished. No one had a clue where he had gone, and playlists, which were thriving on his rap beats, were all dried up. It was hard to believe that someone who wrote such peppy numbers could go through such a sad phase in life. The rapper was not responding to medicines and it was not until a year later when the fourth doctor came along, that he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The man who used to perform in front of thousands, was scared to face even a handful of people. But, Honey eventually got treated and defeated depression.

Anushka Sharma 

The lady has been suffering from anxiety, which is the onset of mental disorder and if not treated right, can turn nastier. The lady went on her social media to let people know about the same, and cleared it by saying that it is something which is genetic and that it is nothing to be ashamed of. She further said that it is a biological issue, and should always be taken seriously enough to take medical help.

Bollywood is not always bling, and beneath those shiny surfaces, there are darker and murkier layers, that have demons of their own, just like us. These celebs are an inspiration, for they led the way for a path that was untrodden and unbidden. We hope that they inspire enough to let all voices be known, for every life matters, every voice matters. We are here to listen. Speak to us or write an email to connect@cafecounsel.com.

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