6 Exercises that can be done to ‘Calm the Mind’ and ‘Reduce Stress’

Mental health may not have been a very popular topic of discussion in the recent past, but of late, people are speaking about it. From celebrities to commoners, people are finally understanding that the health of their brain is as important as a healthy body that they crave.

Though the numbers of such people are painfully less, given that mental health disorders and its repercussions are not something lower and lower-middle class is usually aware of. Sadly, even diseases and disorders have been classified as per class and wealth, owing to such ignorance over mental health issues.

However, slowly, yet avenues and possibilities are opening up, and people are coming to terms with it.

Though high level of mental disorders, anything which you feel you cannot handle alone, call for mental health counselling, therapy, and other forms of treatment, in the initial days, slight stress and anxiety issues can be calmed down and put to rest for one’s own sanity, by a few simple exercises. And we are here to tell you about the same.

Body posture

 Usually, when we are in a state of depression, we hunch our shoulders and look down, at the floor. This is one tendency which may seem normal or harmless, but in fact, aggravates the issue, pushing you further into the shell that has been created. Rectify your posture.

Put your shoulders straight and look at the world in the eye. A smile will come automatically, and some of that stress will be weaned off.


 This is a practice which is all about staying the present. While it is difficult to shift the focus from the negativity that you might have experienced in the past, this is what this exercise is about, shifting it, putting all your energy in the slightest ray of positivity that your present holds, and expanding it.

This will improve the state of your mental health dramatically.

Three things

 Right when you wake up and look forward to starting your day, look around and think of what you have. Feel happy, blessed and grateful for the three things you have and let that bring a smile to your face.

Before going to bed at night, practice the same, thinking about those three things and what was your experience regarding the three. These three things can be anything, and need not be constant.

Reduce overthinking negative constants

 There may be certain situations in life which may not be going your way. Given the state of your mental health, you may stress or fuss over the negative possibilities it may lead to.

STOP. Right there.

You are thinking of the negative repercussions of something that has not happened yet. No matter how difficult, thing of the present scenario devoid of any perspective, yet.

That will not only lift a load off your mind, making you stress-free to some extent, but also give your brain room to think of a solution and a positive outcome.

Follow wisely, on and off social media

 Given that our circle and its thoughts influence our thinking pattern, and by extension our mental health a lot, pick the ones you are surrounded with, wisely, be it on social media, or off it.

Just like our likes on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms customise our feeds to reflect our own thinking pattern, the same happens in real life as well.

Change your feed, if that is the one feeding you with just negative stuff. We understand that there is a lot of bad stuff happening in the world, but balance it out with pages that spread nothing but pure and insane happiness.

Your mental health has to maintain an order of positive and negative, and given gadgets and friends form an important aspect of our live, we do have to take care of how they customise our thoughts.


 Keep a journal and record all the positive things that happened to you, on a daily basis. When in a particular difficult situation, ponder on those words of positive reality that you know you were a part of. It will make you smile and flush that negativity away.

Mental health is not something which can be treated in a fortnight. It requires excessive efforts, not just on the part of those who treat, but also on your part, on how much zeal you have to flush those out. Apart from the aforesaid, if you still have that uneasiness inside, talk to us. Mental health counselling is nothing to be ashamed of, and it is the most time-saving and discreet method, there is, at your convenience. You will be fine.

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