6 Facts and Stats about Mental Health that will Shock You.!

This is the 21st century, and though we may all go gaga about the concepts of mind over body, the fact remains that as soon as the facet of health comes in, we are lagging far behind in understanding and diagnosing mental health issues.

In fact, the way we care for our body, we don’t even show our mind a tenth of that caution and supervision. This is not just our lack of empathy for others who are suffering from some of the other mental health issues, this is our lack of concern for ourselves as well.

We ignore our mental health and that of others, asking ourselves and them to get over it or cheer up which is the worse we can do. Imagine someone asking you to get over the fever and not get you treated for it.

You may survive that counsel once or twice, but the third time, maybe you won’t because your body would be so broken. Same is the case with mental health too, it needs diagnosis and treatment at the right time, not when it is beyond help.

However, thankfully, slowly yet steadily, doors are opening in the minds regarding mental health.

Counselling and therapy are being considered when the mental health is on a deteriorating path, and as celebrities are opening about anxiety and depression, even the commoners are coming to terms with these demons.

If this doesn’t make you realise the gravity of the situation and why mental health should finally deserve the attention it seeks, maybe these few facts and numbers will make you understand the weightage.

1). According to the WHO, 20% of the world’s children suffer from mental health disorders

Remember this next time when you think that a child’s problem is not worth being heard, that an adult is the only one to deal with bigger, better, and darker issues. Our children too need counseling and help.

2). Depression is growing

In the US alone, nearly 26% of the population suffers from this sinister form of mental health disorder. In fact, if stats are to go by, then depression will become the second leading disability by the year 2020. Not a very cheering thought.

3). Disasters and Wars impact mental health worse

Imagine a child who is studying, watching his or her friends and home being blown apart because the country was at war. Imagine the magnitude with which the mental health of the kid would be affected and how difficult it would be to erase those images from the tender mind.

Same goes if they witness disasters like cyclones, tsunamis, earthquakes and more. Only that in case of wars, how do you explain one human race’s enmity towards the other, enough to kill, to a small child?

4). Suicides

The sinister of all, when the person is so deep into the dark pit that mental disorder has created inside, that ending the life seems the most plausible solution.

As per the stats provided by WHO, nearly 800,000 people commit suicide, every year, between the age group of 15 and 29. Our old are dying due to natural causes, and our young our claiming their lives.

How does that leave us as a civilisation? Alcohol too is a big factor in mental health disorders and resulting in suicide.

5). Lack of medics

There are just 0.05 psychiatrists and 0.42 nurses per 100,000 people, in over 70 countries of the world. And these are the stats in the low-income countries.

There is a serious dearth of medical professionals who can deal with mental health disorders.

6). Mental health disorders facilitate other diseases

If you thought that mental health disorders give way to anxiety, depression and others, you should know that it can escalate many other diseases like diabetes, HIV and more.

Seek therapy, counseling and treatment for your brain, it requires nourishment and care as much as your body. In case you are not comfortable with physical therapy, reach out to us for online counseling, at the comfort and pace of your own. Our expert panel will help you, guide you and listen to you.


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