6 Symptoms Proving That You Need Anger Management Therapy – Part I (Men)  


Anger is one of the many emotions that are triggered inside a human mind and expressed accordingly. But like sugar and spice in limited measures add a dash of perfection to a dish, likewise, anger, love, and all the emotions add that flavor to our life, when experienced in limited and accepted standards.

When out of hand and out of control, it is the time that you underwent a counseling for such deterioration in mental health; yes, excessive anger is a sign of that. And that is why you need Anger Management Therapy.

However, how to identify that you need Anger Management Therapy? Here are a few symptoms that you need to look for and identify, and go for mental health diagnosis and subsequent counseling and therapy.

Also, the symptoms differ in men and women, given their temperaments and ways of coping with mental health disorders, differ. Let’s address the concerns of men first.

Of late, the anger has started getting better for you. Any questions and irritation turns into a violent bout of anger

Often are the times when you don’t understand yourself as to what was the need for the anger that you displayed. You feel dismayed and confused afterward, thinking over it.

You don’t feel the need to express love and tenderness towards the one you really want to care about. The feeling does not come

The things which made you smile, which made you express love, annoy and irritate you, and you can’t even help it. This also aggravates the anger as your mental health is a state of disarray which you are unable to understand, let alone sort.

You get the urge to hit someone or something as soon as your anger flares up. Mere words are not sufficient to state it

The scariest of all is your constant urge to not just lash out verbally, but physically too. This results in you becoming physically violent, which makes you feel good at the time you do it, but leads you in a state of guilt later. You are torn between the fact that you are not a violent person, and yet having such tendencies in the bouts of anger.

You are grumpy and irritated all the time

The aforesaid confusions in your brain affect your mental health, leading you to a state of constant confusion, which further aggravates irritation and restlessness.

Your loved ones have started complaining and say that you have anger issues, that you can’t keep your temper in check

If you feel you are the only one in a turmoil, due to the drastic change in your temper, you may be a tad wrong here, as your loved ones are feeling the pang as well, as they are on the receiving end of your anger.

You become defensive and irrational even on your mistake, raising your anger to such levels that the person before you, apologizes, caving in

Another point which you need to tick off to know you need Anger Management Therapy is that your anger makes you irrational to the extent that you deny accepting the same. Worse, when you are made to confront the state of your mental health, you again try to falsify it with your anger.

If you feel that the aforementioned points have entered your life, then, you are in definite need of Anger Management Therapy, to condition your mental health. Online counseling is a great option if you want discretion and do not want to be physically in the presence of a therapist.

Talk to us, we are here to help, with our panel of experts on mental health, who will guide you through it.


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