6 Ways to Overcome Low-Self Confidence that Affects Mental Health Adversly

Low self-confidence affects mental health adversely. 6 ways to overcome it

Confidence, this is one term which gives one the courage to overcome obstacles and emerge victorious in the way of life. However, like every other emotion, this too is good in a certain measure.

Overconfidence leads to hazardous consequences and inability to handle failures, but it is the lack of the same which drives even the sanest person’s mental health into a state of deterioration.

There have been many instances when the most brilliant of minds have cowered due to lack of self-esteem and confidence.

Being too timid and depending on others’ counsel by not trusting one’s decision, this too affects minds in a negative manner.

If overconfidence is hazardous, so is the lack of confidence, which robs the mental health of its ultimate nourishment. Fret not, for not all is lost.

You can regain the lost confidence, with some counseling, a bit of help on our end, and a little effort on yours.

Strain out the negativity around you

Filter your surroundings. Cut those people away who bring nothing but doubts in your life, and that too not the genuine ones. Immerse yourself in the love and admiration of those who care for you.

Talk about it

Many of us create a shell within ourselves and refrain from social connect, during such times. No matter how much of an introvert you are, you have that inner circle where you have people whom you can trust. Talk to them.

Boost yourself

Remember that no one can lift you up better than you yourself can. Avoid degrading and downplaying yourself. Focus on your positive things and what you are good at. It will give you the urge to perform well in areas you are lagging.

Stop second guessing

There is a limit to which you can speculate about the outcomes of a certain action. The more you think about it, more you would beat yourself over it, and a potentially brilliant idea may go down the drain, so will the praise for you, if you feel that the result is going to be negative only.

Take care of yourself

A healthy body also leads to a healthy mind. Start taking care of your skin and body. Focus and polish on what has been naturally bestowed on you. It will give you a renewed vigor and purpose, leading you away from negative thoughts.


The last but not the least important step is this. Forgive and forget the ones who have been a part of your thoughts and leading them awry, away from the more important things in life.

Move on for a better you, a calmer you, and for a better self-esteem with a nourished mental health.

Low self-esteem is nothing that cannot be cured. Just a guiding hand, counseling, and your own efforts are enough to drive it away. Online mental health counseling is not just an extreme solution.

It is a way to talk and speak with discretion when you are not comfortable opening anywhere else. Talk to us, and improve your mental health, stabilize it, increase your confidence, before it goes down.

Precaution is always better than cure. Talk to us, we are all ears for you, always.

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