7 Signs that Your Relationship is in Trouble

7 Signs that Your Relationship is in Trouble

Can you feel the change in your relationship? Are you completely in paranoia as to where you’re headed in your relationship? Analyze for yourself with our help.

Every relationship faces various stages at different phases. At first, you often tend to overlook your partner’s faults and later in time, even the minute problems bother you. Psychology states that long-term relationships have their ups & downs but if there are more downs than ups in your relationship, you might be confused as to where you’re heading.

Here are Seven Signs as to why you can say that Your Relationship is in Trouble –

(1) Assumption
The primary problem that spells immense disaster in every relationship is assumption. Assumption leads to overthinking of a given situation, dotting down and recreating impossible possibilities circumstantially. Did you know that assumption is a sign of disconnect in any relationship?

(2) Chronic Contemptuousness
Loud fights, rolling eyes & abusive language best describe this problem in any and every relationship. Ridiculing your partner or disrespecting them for a certain thing can put a huge red flag to your relationship, if done in vain & frequently.

(3) Putting Up Walls
Letting ego overcome your emotions in a state of vulnerability can make things very hard for you in your relationship. Ego forces you to put up a wall to defend your emotions in order to maintain a so-well-being. This pushes your partner away, leaving them to rethink about you and the relationship, fading slowly as time goes by.

(4) Repetition of Arguments
Do you both argue on the same issues, again and again? This is when you both encounter the feeling that triggers and reminds you of how you both are losers respectively, forcing on you to initiate a defense mechanism. In such an event, nothing is often clarified and so the arguments that come up are same eventually.

(5) Acceptance / Too Much Criticism
Is your partner or you very judgmental? Our judgmental levels differ a lot more than we think. There are people who are very accepting for the sake of love while there are those who judge a lot. Being judgemental towards your partner can throw away the relationship harder than you can ever imagine. This is so because your partner might feel that you judge them just as the world does, which doesn’t make you make them feel special like they should.

(6) Communication Gap
Although every problem in a relationship has its root cause as the communication gap – in itself this is a vast issue. Couples are unable to be completely honest and free with each other because they feel that their partner might misunderstand them or there would be utmost chaos in the relationship. Be it about relationship life or an emotional issue, holding back disables transparency.

(7) You Can’t Remember Why You Fell In Love
The most disheartening of all is when you both can’t remember why you fell in love and the magic has officially faded. You’re feeling bored of your partner or vice versa. You share an unhealthy vibe with your partner and as time goes on, you both talk a lot less than before.

But then, how to get back on the right track? To kindle the same love and relive your bond, both of you need to stop doing the things that erode your love for each other. If you once chose the person you’re with now, confide in yourself & your love enough to let down your ego and solve your issues. Nobody can do that better than you both – with a little bit effort and a smile. Remember,

When the Satisfaction or Security of another person becomes as Significant to one as Own’s, That’s when the State of Love Exists.” – Henry Stack Sullivan

If you are still finding it difficult and cribbing a lot about the negatives, speak to our expert counselors and seek help. You can also write to us on connect@cafecounsel.com

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