Identify: 9 Signs That Your Child’s Mental Health Is Suffering

Identify9 Signs That Your Child’s Mental Health Is Suffering

We often attribute mental health issues to either teens and adolescents, given their fragile age, or adults, given their routine and lifestyle. However, seldom do we pay attention to the state of mind of little kids, who are as much susceptible to the same, regardless of their age. Strange, isn’t it, that as we grow up we start disassociating ourselves with the little problems of childhood, calling them frivolous and trivialising them. But, the fact remains that every person, of any age, any strata, has problems of his or her own, and you cannot judge them by the same.

Hence, this is our sincere attempt to make the parents aware, that they should open their eyes and observe, and should they find any of the below-mentioned points, should alert themselves to the deteriorating mental health of the child.

1. The child complains of frequent headaches and stomach aches, or the posture is continuously radiating extremely tense vibes

 2. Noticeable loss of appetite

 3. Sleeplessness, though the kid is tired, resulting in constant exhaustion and lack of concentration

 4. There are sudden outbursts of negative emotions; either crying or getting angry, without any reason

 5. Has nightmares often

 6. Has been affected extremely by any calamity in news those days

7. Imagines negative repercussions about the most normal day-to-day activities

 8. Is reluctant to go to school, or play in the normal playtime, or any activity which is normally enjoyable for kids that age

 9. Is hesitant in expressing anything, more than a normal introvert nature

 These are the basic, on-surface signs, that your child is suffering from anxiety, that his or her mental health is deteriorating and is not perfectly healthy, as it should be. Pay attention and give the love and care that would make him or her open up, and if required, seek medical attention. Communicate, for it is the key to make your child open up.

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