9 Workplace Trend Predictions for 2018 and How Companies should be Watchful of these Changes.!


1. It’s going to be VOW:


Voice of Women as a trend will be seen getting louder and powerful in the boardrooms.The organization today although slowly are waking up from the slumber and helping women employees to break the glass ceiling.Research studies and findings are enforcing organizations to be open and accepting more women in leadership positions.

One such study steered by professor Oyvind L. Martinsen, Head of Leadership and Organizational behavior at BI Norwegian Business School stated the women outperformed their male counterparts in four out of five categories which included: taking initiative and clear communication; openness and ability to innovate; sociability and supportiveness; and methodical management and goal-setting.

Organizations with women in a critical leadership position have shown better financial results. Voices of Women at offices will be taken seriously with powerful movements like #MeToo, which not only garnered global support but also nudged many to break the Silence.

2. We are multigenerational:

cafecounsel blog-we-are-multi-generational

While India would have the youngest employable population by 2020, there’s a significant rise in multigenerational employee within the organizations.

Employers have a colossal task ahead catering to the needs of Millennials, Generation X and the Baby Boomers, especially the HR function.Although Multigenerational workforce is a great advantage, it can prove to be extremely challenging.Each generation loaded with specific beliefs, values and motivators could corroborate negative stereotyping.

Organization will need to be mindful and will have to keep a close eye on the employee pulse. The multigenerational workforce has the potential to degenerate the organizational culture if not nurtured effectively.Employees in people management or managerial role would need to be tactful and employ inventive ways to deal with the multigenerational workforce.

3. AOT:


Analytics of things – Analytics will be the core of most organizational process and systems. Experts believe by 2020 around 75% of all enterprise application will have some form of AI (Artificial Intelligence) embedded.

Analytic tools will seek after to enhance efficacy and productivity across functions. The digital workplace will become a definite requisite and so will compel organizational structure for digital change.

Although analytical tools will assist organizations to make data-driven decisions and improve service delivery companies will need to make significant investments. Chabot, Digital platforms, HR analytics, Virtual Assistants will see many adopters.

4. Bite-sized Digital Learning:


With the rise in the Multigenerational workforce and digital workplace being the ask, Bite-sized and Digital learning would become the norm-challenging the traditional approaches of classroom training programs.Learning Appetite is significantly varying between generations finding the sweet spot and building reinforcement mechanism will be a key to skill development.

Amidst multitasking and stretched targets, Millennials in the Twitter era have the low preference for traditional talent developmental initiatives. How learning & development intervention is delivered will decide the consumption. On the go learning, micro-skill development, virtual learning, personalized learning will see an upsurge

5. Holistic Wellness beyond office:


46% of the corporate workforce in India suffers from some form of stress. A recent study reveals, “60 percent of employees find workplace stress so high that they want to quit their jobs.

This is not a healthy sign,” says Nilanjan Roy, Head of Strategy, Times Business Solution. The study also suggests the over 40% of employees reported depression.

Workplace stress being the main cause of psychological issues like depression, anxiety, anger, behavioral concerns, burnouts and other physical disorders like hypertension, diabetes, body ache, cardiac issues in some cases.

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While Stress is becoming a growing threat negatively impacting employee performance, productivity, employee retention, organizations are struggling to find ways to tackle the menace.Studies have also revealed financial and personal stress to be adding up to the existing stressful work situation. Cost of healthcare and other benefits is escalating by the year and so HR will have to find sustainable solutions to deal with mental health and psychological issues of the employees.

Online Mental health platform offering real-time counseling and Corporate Employee Assistance Program (CEAP) will find a strategic place in organizations long-term plan

6. Value creation and Meaning will drive workplace agenda:


cafecounsel blog-Value-creation-and-Meaning-will-drive-workplace-agenda

People being the key resource for every company, motivation has perennially found a berth in organizational challenge list. Over 50% of millennial workforce seems to be getting the better of the organization. Most leaders have realized the incentives, perks, promotion, salary raise aren’t sustainable motivators but creating meaning and value in the workplace.

Employee engagement still being awfully low as per studies, Millennials are frantically in search of an organization that can satiate this need. Enabling Autonomy, meaningful vision, path-breaking purpose, learning opportunities will be seen driving workplace agenda.

7. Fostering Human interaction:

cafecounsel blog-Fostering-Human-interaction

The most corporate workforce today are Digital Natives, but a research study in collaboration with Randstad, states most employees, including millennials, prefer in-person discussion that a technology.

Face to face interaction with co-workers can prove to increase performance by 20%.Organization will continue to foster human interaction and strive to develop and enrich the interpersonal relationship between peers and team members. Ideation hangouts, brainstorming cafes will be promoted to not only strengthen co-worker bonding and conversations but to also elevate and augment Empathy.

8. Flexible working schedules:

cafecounsel blog - Flexible-working-schedules

Employees would continue to demand flexible working schedules and environment. Approximately 50-60% of the time most employees are away from their desk and so fortune 1000 companies are embracing remote working and flexible schedules.

Digital workplace coupled with Remote working tends to be preferred choice for most employees too. Organizations would even consider employee working in various shifts to promote work-life balance and reduce commute time. Many corporates are also designing ingenious workspaces to inspire innovation and creativity amongst employees.

9. Rethinking employee experience:

cafecounsel blog - Rethinking-employee-experience

Employee lifecycle management will see changes in next couple of years. HR will be needed to rebrand them, move from employee lifecycle management to Redesigning employee experience. Inclusion on AI and Newer platform will enable HR to orchestrate seamlessly and streamline journey for each employee. The digital application will help the organization in administering employee engagement survey offering complete anonymity to the employee and therefore testifying precise employee pulse.

Overall 2018, more organization will pay attention to data and include analytics in strategic workforce planning. Digital workplace, employee engagement, service delivery will enhance with inclusion of AI. Scalability, Productivity and performance will still continue to be the main focus, but agility; inclusiveness with long-term sustainability would tend to rise above all challenges. Business leaders will need to demonstrate agility, adapt and evolve along the changing environment.


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