Act Wise. Say No to Body Shaming.

Kiara is a 19-year-old girl who has a short height. She has pretty, sharp features & has a thin physique. Yet, she is made fun of because of her height. She is called names and laughed upon. She consumes various medicines to increase her height but it never works.

Mohan is a 20-year-old. He is lean and has an average height. His peers are fond of having muscular bodies. He, however, feels he is fit and fine until his friends mock about how he isn’t following the trend and wouldn’t get any girls if he stayed the same.

In both cases above – body shaming is on severe affect to both the genders. Women as well as men – both encounter body shaming. Reasons could be peers, trends, etc.

Are you also ashamed of your body? Do you also feel you are single because you’re fat, bald, out of shape, dark etc? Here’s a change of perspective.

People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in – their true beauty is revealed – only if there’s a light from within.” – Elisabeth KR

Each individual on planet earth has a unique physique. Man invented words which describe these distinctive body structures and types as fat, thin, tall, short, lean, dark, fair etc and so it is man himself who defined these words to be attractive/good or rebellious/bad. And so, just as these people in the society judge one another – we start judging ourselves.

If you feel that you’re single because of your body type or texture – you’re deeply mistaken about it all! Both men and women have issues in relation to attracting people & the only way through is to understand the importance of  self-worth. If you don’t feel that you are worthy of the person you’re attracted to – he/she won’t find you worthy as well. If you do not confide in your own values & beliefs as an individual (in comparison to your potential partner) – you are pleading/begging them to do you a favor and date you. This is the world of body shaming, taking over our world as time grows.

Did you know that Body Shaming manifests in many ways?

  • Criticizing the Appearances of Others Behind their Back

There may have been instances when you tend to pass small judgments every time you see a certain person pass by wearing or in an inappropriate attire/look. This speaks a lot about your own self. The first word that comes to your mind when you see them the way they are is what you see yourself as often, as well.

  • Criticizing Self & Comparing

So you feel that you’re not beautiful. What is beautiful? What if use of the word “beautiful” was for pointing out to what’s displeasing to the eye? If you end up comparing yourself to another person, always remember one thing – You’re Two Different People. Mentally as well as physically – your environments, thoughts, perspectives and ways of living differ a lot more than you think they do. There can never be a balanced comparison – neither between two people, nor with two souls.

  • Judging People to Their Face

It is good to have an opinion, but absurd to demoralize people. God has created us and no man is capable of changing it. What might look flawless to you – can appear as awful to another. Hence, passing judgments to people on their face about how they look or their skin color is the worst you can do to them, for you are nobody but a person yourself.

But, why is Body Shaming So Common? When you’re upset or intimidated by an individual, why do you default to criticizing their appearances? In our peak, adult as well as growing years – we take body shaming as a defense-mechanism to our ego and to make us feel better about ourselves. It always feels easier to pass on a judgment about physical appearances than expressing and letting out what we feel emotionally, because else we feel vulnerable. It’s more like an automatic response.

This is what you need to stand up against. Every person has the right to feel happy about how they look for they are unique in their own way. If you don’t feel good about yourself, how can you feel good about others? Learn to celebrate what you have, for there’s only one life!

Is body shaming an issue you encounter? If so, seek professional help, or get in touch, Write to or chat with experts now.

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