Anger, Aggression, Rage: The difference, and when to know you need therapy

Anger; a human emotion which can induce one to do the most unspeakable things, when not under control.

Studying various crimes across the world, one can safely conclude that there is a high percentage of crimes which take place merely due to uncontrollable anger.

An urge to kill another human or anyone, for that matter, is the sign of a mind which is not healthy. It is a scary scenario that a certain percentage of the population is roaming around with a mental health so deteriorated that they have no control over their anger, that their mind, in that state of sickness can conjure images of harming and even killing another.

But then, how do you differentiate that your anger is different from the anger which needs counseling and help, a therapy of sorts? For that, you not only need to assess your anger, but also know the difference between anger, aggression and rage, and the fact that when do you imbibe and exude the tendency to be violent instead of dissing peacefully.


The dictionary meaning of anger is, “a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility.”

Firstly, understand that anger is an emotion, just like being sad, happy, ecstatic and more. It comes out either to defend oneself or to express disdain over a set of things.

Nowhere does expression of anger indicate that it is a fault in the mental health of the person. In fact, if specialists on mental health are to be believed, then anger is a self-defense mechanism which our brain activates, to survive the blows that we receive, the manipulations that we are susceptible to.

This kind of an anger is harmless, for it just exists to defend oneself, and does not intend to harm the other.


The dictionary meaning of aggression, states, “feelings of anger or antipathy resulting in hostile or violent behavior; readiness to attack or confront.”

This is when the warning signals should go off into your head, for aggression takes anger to the next level, that of an urge to harm someone or something, to exude the anger that has been building up inside you.

This is the time when you should self-diagnose that this unchecked behavior requires mental health therapy and counseling.


The dictionary meaning of the term rage is, “violent uncontrollable anger.”

This is the last stage when you have even crossed the limit of aggression, the one which tells you that your mental health and anger is not in the right or fit state.

Rage is the extreme form of violent anger which is not only harmful to you, the person expressing it, but also to the ones around you, who are at the receiving it.

Bouts of violence are so prominent in fits of rage that it transforms you into an inhuman entity. This kind of anger, which is beyond check, definitely requires the advanced form of therapy.

Anger Management Therapy and online mental health counseling are a must if you have ignored the same at the aggression level.

Anger, aggression, rage; these are three stages of the same emotion, but with vast differences as far as mental health is concerned. Keep your anger in check, and at the first signal, your brain sends you of an urge to harm the other out of anger, go for Anger Management Therapy.

If you want discretion and want to talk it out, we are always there for online mental health counseling, with our panel of experts ready to guide you through, with anonymity, and no obligation of revelation.

Stay healthy, stay fit, and nourish your mind with health and positivity.

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