Anti-Depressants: What You Need To Know, Good and Bad

Anti Depressants What You Need To Know, Good and Bad

Physical health and deterioration of body is always considered a topmost priority, in most households around the world, India being no exception. However, where all around the world mental health and its importance is coming to surface, it is still in its initial stage in our country. Call it lack of knowledge, or the societal shame that mental problems people perceive to be, but treating of issues that affect the brain, are still not that prevalent.

Though the progress is a little bit slow in India because of the general mindset, it is definitely improving, nonetheless. Stress and anxiety are something that people are opening up about, and are being considered mental issues worth being treated. Depression is finally being talked about, and patients are speaking up on the symptoms that take them into the deep black hole that it is.

One of the many things that someone suffering from depression is recommended, is, the basic anti-depressants. Though these are normal medicines, and are recommended to normally 4 out of 10 cases of depression that come to the specialists, one should anyway know all about it, lest they end up taking the wrong ones, or more than the required dosage. Yes, people do that when they do not want to open up, by just googling the symptoms. Though we strongly recommend medical interference, and condemn any sort of self-medication, we believe that you should have knowledge of the pros and cons of anti-depressants. Complete knowledge makes one detest the ideas of delving into something they are not totally aware of, and we believe that after knowing your medicines, you too will leave the same on the specialist, and consult him or her, instead of trying to cure yourself through anti-depressants.

Firstly, know that the anti-depressants do not make you overweight, neither do they make you forget your problems, only for them to emerge stronger, once you stop the medication. Anti-depressants just make it easier for the doctor to treat you, as it soothes your insides and calms your brain which is overtly functional with all the random thoughts of unthinkable happening. Also, the notion that one becomes addicted to anti-depressants needs to be busted, for only the doctor initiates and stops the consumption of them, depending upon your condition.

Also, anti-depressant pills do not induce suicide, but if taken with proper precaution and guidance of a doctor, can surely reduce the chances of the same, to nil. Contrary to the popular misconception, it does not affect your relationship life too, in a negative way.

It comes down to this. Anti-depressants should be taken only as prescribed by a medic and not without it. Now, let us come to the flip side, for nothing in the world is err-free.

Even if a person is on anti-depressants, there is no guarantee that cure will be 100%. Relapse after the consumption is stopped has happened, and is quite common too. But again, consult a doctor, before, after, or any other time, whenever the symptoms crop up, and never try to cure it again with the help of an old prescription.

Anti-depressants are not considered good if used for a long time. Again, no good medic will keep you on that for a prolonged period, considering the affects. It is good for a short period, when the treatment is going on, under the prescription of the doctor.

Coming to health issues, anti-depressants have been known to induce heart disease in older people, and is a bit of a risk in case of pregnant ladies too as it can affect the foetal development.

Anti-depressants are basically, like any other medicine. Take it with caution, and with the prescription of a specialist who has diagnosed you with depression. Taking it against the same, on your personal judgement which can very well be wrong, given you are no medic, can result in all the side effects that the pills are known for. Taken with care and prescription, they escalate the process of recovery.


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