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Loneliness is a health epidemic!

Most of us would have experienced loneliness at-least once in their lives. Loneliness is far more than just an emotion. A popular conception that loneliness is caused due to lack of human contact is actually not true; it’s definitely more than that. Loneliness as common as it may seem, many of lack the understanding of […]


Are you worried about your loved one’s Mental Health? 7 ways to help them

cafe counsel - 7 ways to help people suffering from mental health issues

Ways to help people suffering from mental health issues.! Life is an uphill challenge for somebody suffering from mental illness. It not only affects the concerned person but also the near ones who care about them. But you have to remember that as difficult as the situation might appear to be, through proper treatment, many […]


6 Symptoms Proving That You Need Anger Management Therapy – Part I (Men)  


Anger is one of the many emotions that are triggered inside a human mind and expressed accordingly. But like sugar and spice in limited measures add a dash of perfection to a dish, likewise, anger, love, and all the emotions add that flavor to our life, when experienced in limited and accepted standards. When out […]


6 Facts and Stats about Mental Health that will Shock You.!

This is the 21st century, and though we may all go gaga about the concepts of mind over body, the fact remains that as soon as the facet of health comes in, we are lagging far behind in understanding and diagnosing mental health issues. In fact, the way we care for our body, we don’t […]


9 Workplace Trend Predictions for 2018 and How Companies should be Watchful of these Changes.!


1. It’s going to be VOW: Voice of Women as a trend will be seen getting louder and powerful in the boardrooms.The organization today although slowly are waking up from the slumber and helping women employees to break the glass ceiling.Research studies and findings are enforcing organizations to be open and accepting more women in […]


9 Effective Depression Busters for New Moms


While having a baby might be one of the most precious moments of your life, the erratic hours, lack of sleep, stress, and hormones can take a toll on your mental, health. The scary truth is that as per the Centers for Disease Control, 11 to 20% of women who give birth each year have […]


Anger, Aggression, Rage: The difference, and when to know you need therapy

Anger; a human emotion which can induce one to do the most unspeakable things, when not under control. Studying various crimes across the world, one can safely conclude that there is a high percentage of crimes which take place merely due to uncontrollable anger. An urge to kill another human or anyone, for that matter, […]


6 Ways to Overcome Low-Self Confidence that Affects Mental Health Adversly

Low self-confidence affects mental health adversely. 6 ways to overcome it Confidence, this is one term which gives one the courage to overcome obstacles and emerge victorious in the way of life. However, like every other emotion, this too is good in a certain measure. Overconfidence leads to hazardous consequences and inability to handle failures, […]


6 Exercises that can be done to ‘Calm the Mind’ and ‘Reduce Stress’

Mental health may not have been a very popular topic of discussion in the recent past, but of late, people are speaking about it. From celebrities to commoners, people are finally understanding that the health of their brain is as important as a healthy body that they crave. Though the numbers of such people are […]


Stress, Anxiety, and Depression How It Affects Employee’s

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression How It Affects Employee's

Stress is an underrated term in today’s fast revolving world, where days pass off in a whirlwind. We don’t even have moments pause and rewind, to assess what the pros and cons of a day have been. We are dissatisfied with the productivities and want to achieve more, but there is so much a healthy […]