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How I opened up about my Depression at work and that made a difference!

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How I opened up about my depression at work and made a difference at my workplace I had been battling depression for a long time since my divorce. As rewarding as it was to raise my kid, doing everything alone was not easy. Things really took a turn for the worse when my mother passed […]


How I created a self-care prescription for myself to control my depression!

We all have these big plans for life but it really never turns out the way we expect it to be, does it? Mine was such a case where my career did not take off as I envisioned it, I lost my beloved dogs, my in-laws were harassing me and a whole lot of other […]


Loneliness is a health epidemic!

Most of us would have experienced loneliness at-least once in their lives. Loneliness is far more than just an emotion. A popular conception that loneliness is caused due to lack of human contact is actually not true; it’s definitely more than that. Loneliness as common as it may seem, many of lack the understanding of […]


I’ve isolated myself for fear of people’s judgemental behaviour, but I have realised it’s taking me nowhere.!

I’ve isolated myself for fear of people’s judgemental behaviour, but I have realised it’s taking me nowhere.! This is my story Many-a-times, our desire to fit in the crowd can come in the way of our true authentic self. Add in the trauma of depression and anxiety and it becomes a complete recipe for disaster. […]


7 Things I wish I knew about mental illness before!

Nervousness, anxiety, depression, I have been going through it all. Since childhood, I was extra sensitive and situations would affect me more than they would others. Battling depression and alcohol abuse was really difficult and there were days when I felt the only place for me was the mental asylum. While I am in a […]


Celebrities about Mental Illness: “In their own words.”

Mental illness, depression, anxiety and panic attacks make no distinction and hit us all. Even celebs who seem all put together with their perfect lives too have had to face the brunt of it. Many of them have come into the limelight, confessing their struggles in the hopes of breaking the stigma and bringing awareness […]


Café Counsel’s Self-Help Guide: ‘How to Make Successful Decisions.!’

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“Decision making is the force that shapes destiny,” – Tony Robbins, Life Coach, Author, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Our decisions have the power to shape and transform our lives. The right one can drive us towards unfathomable heights of success whereas the wrong choice can set us on a downward spiral path. So how do we […]


Online counselling: A Revolutionary Transformation of My Life

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Online counselling: A Revolutionary Transformation of my Life – Shilpa Karanth, Media Professional  There are some people in life who can handle any kind of situation with flying colours. Unfortunately, I was never one of them. The way I approached any scenario was with stress and anxiety. It got to a point where I began […]


11 Self Calming Mantras to teach yourself to deal with your Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

11 self-calming mantras for anxiety, depression and stress

Self-calming mantras for mental health issues.! Anxiety, stress, and depression are dreadful words that can bring havoc to your life. Not tending to it can act as a deterrent towards your overall growth, be it personal or professional. And while it is always advisable to seek therapy, you can also resort to some self-calming mantras. […]


7 things my Dad taught me to handle anything which life throws at me! I’m passing the same to my child!


Life can be quite a mix ball, putting you through a roller-coaster of emotions and experiences. I too have had my share of ups and downs but thankfully, through it, all was my father’s unhindered support. I clung on to his words of wisdom which became my mantra for dealing with any kind of situation. […]