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How to make decisions when you are depressed?


Decision-making has always been an integral part of our day-to-day life. Multiple Internet sources suggest that an individual makes about 35000-decision everyday, and approximately 200 decisions about what to eat everyday. Depressive disorders can make decision making extremely overwhelming and strenuous exercise, almost feeling nauseated. Many psychologists believe that mental health disorders diminish cognitive functions, […]


How could Coaching help you overcome Mid-Life crisis?

cafecounsel - mid-life crisis and coaching

Nothing seems worth living for. Everything seems to be meaningless. Feeling unhappy and sad most of the times. Unable to pinpoint what’s exactly wrong in life. Health seems to be out-of-control. No longer resonate or feel the connection with your spouse/partner. Seem to be drifting away from your loved ones. If you have answered a […]