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9 Workplace Trend Predictions for 2018 and How Companies should be Watchful of these Changes.!


1. It’s going to be VOW: Voice of Women as a trend will be seen getting louder and powerful in the boardrooms.The organization today although slowly are waking up from the slumber and helping women employees to break the glass ceiling.Research studies and findings are enforcing organizations to be open and accepting more women in […]


Stress, Anxiety, and Depression How It Affects Employee’s

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression How It Affects Employee's

Stress is an underrated term in today’s fast revolving world, where days pass off in a whirlwind. We don’t even have moments pause and rewind, to assess what the pros and cons of a day have been. We are dissatisfied with the productivities and want to achieve more, but there is so much a healthy […]


World Mental Health Day 2017 – Theme is Mental Health at Workplace

World Mental health Day

World Mental Health Day 2017: 10th October 2017 The WHO theme this year is “Mental health in the workplace.” The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM is one of the apex trade associations of India) study released last year disclosed that 42.5 percent of corporate employees in India suffer from depression. With […]


Long hours, less pay: The reason why a working-class Indian is perpetually stressed

working class Indian is perpetually stressed due to long hour less pay

Imagine a scenario. You reached your workplace really late. However, you finished your work bang on time, and wrapped up, ready to go. At any point of time, did you pat yourself for being efficient, or did you feel guilty of not working because you were leaving before hours? If the answer is the former […]


You will be shocked to know these facts about Employee Wellness in most Organisations

Corporate employee wellness programe

Cafe Counsel’s Programs under CEAP are essentially the employee benefit and wellness program specifically designed to suit the need of the employees. CEAP can help your employees to resolve range of diverse issues, which may be affecting their performance and productivity at work, health and overall well-being adversely. Our Corporate Employee Assistance Programs cover a combination of […]


SOS: How to combat salary constraint stress at the end of the month

SOS : How to combat salary constraint stress at the end of the month

In today’s world, salary constraint is a stress no matter how much we tend to deny, money does matter, and is one of the keys to happiness, even if we do not want to give it the whole credit. For it does give you the food you want to eat, the travel you want to […]


Managing Employees With Conduct Disorders

Managing Employees With Conduct Disorders | Office Stress

Who doesn’t want a peaceful work environment or well behaved and well coordinated team workers? After all offices are like second homes for most of us where we spend maximum hours of the day. But sometimes managing employees can get tricky. It often means managing their personalities as well. You want a staff that can […]


Work stress making you depressed?

Work stress making you depressed

Most people in today’s economy are happy to have a job. Apart from contributing to career development, giving direction to your passion, your job largely helps you take care of your personal goals. But there can sometimes be a phase where you may not feel satisfied with your work, where you may feel more and […]


Got fired? How to deal with it.

Got fired How to deal with it

“Being fired was the best luck of my life. It made me stop and reflect. It was the birth of my life as a writer,” Jose Saramago, Portuguese Writer and Recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature. “I worked for American Harper’s Bazaar… they fired me. I recommend that you all get fired. It’s a […]


Social Networking Addiction is a bigger problem than you think

Social Networking Addiction

Do you check your mobile phone every few minutes for any notification on Facebook, Twitter mentions and Whatsapp pings? Do you feel anxious or irritated when you have no internet access? You cannot live a day without social media no matter how busy your day looks? If you are nodding your head to a yes […]