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Panic Attack? A Guide to “How to Handle a Panic Attack in 10 ways”

How to handle a Panic Attack in 10 ways

How to handle Panic Attacks in 10 ways.! When Bindu Shree, HR Professional thought she lost her bag in the crowded train in Mumbai, she was worried. This is a natural response for anybody in her situation, only that her reaction was accompanied with a pounding of the heart, shaking, nausea and dizziness. What she […]


Are you worried about your loved one’s Mental Health? 7 ways to help them

cafe counsel - 7 ways to help people suffering from mental health issues

Ways to help people suffering from mental health issues.! Life is an uphill challenge for somebody suffering from mental illness. It not only affects the concerned person but also the near ones who care about them. But you have to remember that as difficult as the situation might appear to be, through proper treatment, many […]


Online counselling: A Revolutionary Transformation of My Life

cafe counsel-online counselling-A revolutionary transformation of my life

Online counselling: A Revolutionary Transformation of my Life – Shilpa Karanth, Media Professional  There are some people in life who can handle any kind of situation with flying colours. Unfortunately, I was never one of them. The way I approached any scenario was with stress and anxiety. It got to a point where I began […]


11 Self Calming Mantras to teach yourself to deal with your Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

11 self-calming mantras for anxiety, depression and stress

Self-calming mantras for mental health issues.! Anxiety, stress, and depression are dreadful words that can bring havoc to your life. Not tending to it can act as a deterrent towards your overall growth, be it personal or professional. And while it is always advisable to seek therapy, you can also resort to some self-calming mantras. […]


7 things my Dad taught me to handle anything which life throws at me! I’m passing the same to my child!


Life can be quite a mix ball, putting you through a roller-coaster of emotions and experiences. I too have had my share of ups and downs but thankfully, through it, all was my father’s unhindered support. I clung on to his words of wisdom which became my mantra for dealing with any kind of situation. […]


9 Effective Depression Busters for New Moms


While having a baby might be one of the most precious moments of your life, the erratic hours, lack of sleep, stress, and hormones can take a toll on your mental, health. The scary truth is that as per the Centers for Disease Control, 11 to 20% of women who give birth each year have […]


Through the Lens: Photographs That Capture the Pain of Depression Breathtakingly

Through the Lens Photographs That Capture the Pain of Depression Breathtakingly

Depression is a condition which is oft ignored and seldom considered with appropriate empathy that it deserves. It is a monster which eats a person from inside, creating a hollow which blocks the shaft of love and light surrounding the person, causing him or her to withdraw. Withdrawal is fuelled by apathy, don’t let the […]


10 Hollywood and Bollywood Movies on Mental Health That Will Heal Your Pain

Movies on Mental Health That Will Heal Your Pain

Bollywood or Hollywood, cinema is one of the best ways to let your thoughts reverberate through the universe. Time and again, both the industries have made an attempt to traverse the genres unknown and succeeded in the endeavors of doing the same. Mental health is one such issue which has been explored in artistic format […]


7 Books that will soothe the Anxiety and Depression Inside You

7 Books That Will Soothe the Singe That Anxiety

There have been times when one feels low, so much so that the need and feel to connect with the world just goes away. Depression and anxiety are disorders that do not come calling. Instead, they feed upon the demons inside you, and make space for themselves, paving way for hopelessness and a hollow that […]


Warning Signs of Social Anxiety

Warning Signs of Social Anxiety

We all feel queasy and uncomfortable about social gatherings or occasions from time to time. Maybe you dread bumping into somebody you dislike or want to stay away from nagging relatives. But when social anxiety deters you from leading a normal life and comes in the way of realising your full potential, it is a […]