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Postpartum Depression can affect your Sexual life and Relationship

4 Ways Postpartum Depression Affects Sexual life

Mental health and depression are still a taboo in our country, our India, a country where over 5 crore people suffer from depression, and approximately 7.5% of the total population suffers from some or the other kind of mental disorder. If this is the situation in case of just depression, one shudders to think what […]


How a husband can help in overcoming postpartum depression.

As beautiful as motherhood is, the initial months can be extremely demanding. It is not uncommon for new mothers to undergo postpartum depression, rather, one in every five woman are believed to suffer from this situation. Your help as a husband is crucial at this time. Research proves that a woman’s depression will drastically improve […]


Post Partum Depression and How to deal with it?

Post Partum Depression

When Sheila Karanth, a Software Engineer delivered her baby, she thought that she would be over the moon about it. However, just days after her child coming into the world, her happiness was clouded with a sense of anxiety and depression, a feeling that remained for a long period. If you are like Sheila who […]