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Character Building in Children


When we talk about character of a person a picture comes in our mind about how does he behave, how he talks, walks, what are the values he follow to live in a society. Does he respect others’ values, is he a helpful person, what actions he take in particular situation etc. Basically character is […]


Healthy Marriage ensures Emotionally Strong Kids

Healthy Relationships Ensure Emotionally Healthy Childhood for your Kids

Well it goes without a say that your child needs and deserves your love, care and support. But here’s the deal, for your child to know that they are your world, you have to prioritize your partner that is their mother first. A marriage or the relation between you and your wife is like a […]


80/20 Relationship Principle

80/20 relationship principle - cafe counsel whereyoumatter

People in relationships need to foremost understand that there is nothing as a ‘perfect relationship’. It’s the mutual respect and love that keep things in the right direction. That is, respect and love for self, each other, and for the relationship. But there are other facets of healthy, long-lasting relationships. At Cafe Counsel, our experts […]


Anxiety could be suicidal. Treat it. Fight it.

Anxiety could be suicidal. Seek Help Online - Cafe Counsel

A 23-year-old smiled, looked into the camera, said his goodbyes, left letters for friends and family, and jumped to his death. He died, leaving behind endless questions, to which there are no answers. Soon enough, people will go back to their lives and forget the incident. Only the loved ones will be haunted by a […]


How to deal with grief?

Grief-Depression and Mental Wellness - Cafe Counsel

Sooner or later, each of us will experience that dagger in the heart called grief. The experience of losing something we value or close to our heart is part of life and no one can escape from it. Loss has many layers to it – it could be a long relationship coming to an end, […]


Are you suddenly enjoying your own company? That’s good news!

Enjoying your own company - Cafe Counsel

Sometimes it’s best to spend some quality time with the world’s most important person, yourself. The more time you spend alone, the more comfortable you become in your own skin because you can truly get to know yourself. This provides you with more patience to accept yourself as who you are, where your life is […]


How my inner conflicts almost shattered my dreams of joining the Merchant Navy?

How my inner conflicts almost shattered my dreams of joining the Merchant Navy?

23-year-old Nishant Kaur had his career of becoming a Merchant Navy Officer all mapped out. He worked diligently towards it and finally got the much-awaited job offer. Unfortunately, his internal battles with anxiety and emotional dependence came in the way of him being to able to take the final leap. Here is his story… At […]


Things Single Mom’s Should Be Proud Of

What is it that single moms should be proud of? Cafe Counsel

What is it like to be a Single Mom in India? Singlehood among women has always been frowned or looked down upon because of conservative and orthodox practices, rules of family and apprehension of relatives. Whether a woman is divorced, widowed or chose not to marry, the paths are never easy for her. People start […]


My trauma of being molested as a child.

My trauma of being molested as a child

I have vague memories of when I was two years old. My uncle would come home bearing gifts with a big smile on his face. While for most kids, this would bring joy, for me, it just evoked a sense of terror. Because what followed simply made me quiver. He would make me sit on […]


Tips to beat Exam Stress?

Cafe Counsel, Online Counseling to fight Exam Stress

Exam stress is a common topic of concern in today’s generation. Stress, in usual, can have only two outcomes – Progress or Halt. This means that stress can either raise a drive or urge to work on your weak points or it can lead you to a downfall & dead end. Did you ever wonder […]