When we talk about character of a person a picture comes in our mind about how does he behave, how he talks, walks, what are the values he follow to live in a society. Does he respect others’ values, is he a helpful person, what actions he take in particular situation etc. Basically character is the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual. Everyone posses different qualities and behaves accordingly in a particular situation.

Now as a parent or teacher it becomes our duty to incept good moral and ethical values in children so that they can reflect a good character. Once these values are incepted wisely it will help the child to understand the difference between right and wrong, good and bad, acceptable and unacceptable. This distinction will be helping him lifetime to become a responsible adult. Character building is about teaching students to interact positively with others, to make productive decision, to learn to solve problems, to develop and show compassion, and to set immediate and lifelong goals.

Ingredients to Character Building

Character is the combination of ethical values which are nurtured from childhood. Whatever we do as a parent or mentor our children learn those things from us by observation or copying. So it becomes our responsibility to behave and act in proper manner if we want to pour good values in our off springs. There are some values we can transfer in our little one as a role model for them. Children learn more from our actions than sayings. Before teaching our children good values, we are supposed to practice them in front of them as they see us as a role model for their life.

  • Trustworthiness: It’s important to be reliable when we count good character. One should be truthful in every situation. If we as an elder show truthfulness, our children follow the same thing.
  • Respectful: being respectful with others invites respect in once own pocket. Children should be guided to treat elders, teachers and family members with respect. It is only possible when we show respect towards them.
  • Responsibility: children should be learned to take the responsibility of their actions. They should also guide to be diligent towards their duties and actions.
  • Caring and Helpful: it is very important for us to be caring towards our children. When we help them in need they also learn it.
  • Self discipline: there should be some rules and regulation in family or in classroom. And we should be the first to follow those rules. When we follow them then our children will learn to follow. It will help them to build a good character.
  • Fairness: It is one of the most important traits to build a good character. One should be fair with all . We should teach our children not to take advantage of others. One should be open-minded to treat others fairly.

Sumbul Naqvi
Child Psychologist

Cafe Counsel is here to help for Character Building in children, you can also get int touch with us for teenager counseling on issues like peer pressure, societal pressure, career and relationship issues leading to untimely anxiety and depression. Reach us on or chat now.

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