SOS: How to combat salary constraint stress at the end of the month

SOS : How to combat salary constraint stress at the end of the month

In today’s world, salary constraint is a stress no matter how much we tend to deny, money does matter, and is one of the keys to happiness, even if we do not want to give it the whole credit. For it does give you the food you want to eat, the travel you want to pursue, and the comforts and luxuries that you want in your life.

So, what transpires in the month of a salaried employee, when the last few days become quite nightmarish due to monetary constraints? It is a known and accepted fact that salaried individuals are happier in the first two weeks of the month, than they are in the latter two, for the former gives them the power of money which latter negates, due to the “end of month” syndrome.

This gives way to stress and anxiety and takes a toll on one’s mental health which also leads to deterioration in performance and low morale at work. One may seem to pass it off as a humorous situation, but the fact still remains that work stress, which further is a result of unbalanced salary portion in the second half, is a very big player in aggravating stress and anxiety.


Let us take a look at how to combat salary constraint stress at the end of the month

Firstly, make a budget. This is old school and by far works the best. Plus, nowadays the technology enables you to plan and edit the budget on the go, on your devices. Therefore, make a plan of your receipt and expenditure. Divide your expenses into fixed and variable, and also check as to which are the expenses that you incur in cash and which are the ones you incur through bank. A categorisation will not only sort your expenses by giving you a satisfactory record, but also enable you to save money for your expeditions and leisurely activities, without feeling guilty about the same.

Freelance, if your job allows the same. A little bit of extra income doesn’t hurt, and if you are someone who has made his or her passion their job, this will be all the more enjoyable. Assess your worth according to the industry standards, and take up weekly assignments, so that you have a steady, small yet definite income over and above your salary.

Apart from the usual investments that you do in the form of savings, create a piggy bank of sorts for yourself, and keep putting some amount in it on a daily basis. Set a minimum amount that you can put and stick to the same without fail. You would actually be surprised to break into the same when your broke period starts. The chit funds are emergency saviours and save you from those days when you feel all your salary is gone.

Divide your expenses throughout the month, instead of putting all the pressure on the first half. The first half already carries the pressure of fixed expenses like rents and bills, spread the others over the period.

Salary constraint stress- Remember, it is your money, and only you can plan it well in order to escape the stress that creeps into your life uninvited, at the end of the month. Do away with the EOD crisis monster that increases stress levels in the corporate world, for no reason whatsoever

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