Teenage Counselling: How to deal with the Relationship Break-up of your teen

Teenage Counselling How to deal with the Relationship Break-up of your teen

Teen Breakups:A Parent’s Guide To Deal With It And Come Out Victorious

For most of us, we have grown up in a Shakespearan era, reading Romeo utter those surreal and romantic lines to Juliet, when they were all but teenagers. Serving as a cherry on top of the cake of ever-raging and confused teenage hormones, are numerous romantic movies coming our way, which, no matter how unrealistic in portrayal, catch the fancy of innocent hearts, yet shy from the harsh realities of the world. Yet, amongst homeworks and assignments, schools and coachings, best friends and frenemies, every teen has fallen in love in his or her own childish manner, and had their heartbroken too.

But, how to revive a heart so tender? How to soothe the burn and pain that is shredding their innocent beings into a thousand pieces? Yes, teens need your help in moving over the sinister matters of heart as much as a grown up does, probably, even more.

So, what should you do?

First of all, talk

 We avoid talking to our kids as they tend to grow distant in these years. They are neither young enough to be called and pampered as kids, nor are they mature enough to deal with their own stuff, something an adult would be expected to do. Therefore, the least you can do is talk, and never cease the communication. Your child needs your help, even if he or she is too stubborn to say so. Befriend them, become their confidante, and never break that bond of trust.

Make them realise their self-worth

None can do this better than you. Sit with your child and communicate, and instead of berating them for dating (India still has to come to par with normalcies like this), be frank enough to convey both times of joy and grief. Make them realise how special they are, and how futile it is shedding tears over someone who is not worth it.

Channelise the anger and hurt

 Often when you are hurt and angry, you tend to be more productive due to the sudden outburst of energy. Don’t let the feeling seep into your teenager and channelise it in feats like kick boxing, yoga, and the likes, wherein they can express their pain, anger and hurt in their own way.

Give them time to heal

 Flush the thought out of your mind that since this is the millennia, emotions are not that called for. Feelings were deep then, and nothing has changed even now. Give your teen a chance to heal. Give them adequate space to nurture that broken heart. You have to be just around the corner for all the love, affection and support they might require, but the journey to healing is theirs and theirs alone.

Teenage is a tricky period, where one word can make or break your relation. Be around for them as a friend, so when the heart gets broken, they know where to go to fix their bruised and tender selves. Healing is inevitable and it will happen, but you have to support the teens, in the tedious process.

Do that, and see them thrive and bloom. Don’t let the ugliness of breakups overpower the beauty of their lives.

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