Dealing with the Loss of Spouse or a Loved One

How to deal with the loss of Spouse?

When your spouse dies, it’s a shatter to your world. To any loss that can never be taken aback or mended, there’s only one key to stabilizing – to stay strong. Death of a loved one is one of the harshest phases of realities and what makes it worse is that it’s inevitable. There is a strange sense of isolation and loneliness that nobody else can overcome.

In this phase of grieve, you tend to encounter emotional as well as physical pain. It leads to –

(1) Misbalance in Diet
You don’t feel like consuming any foods. You tend to loose interest in everything and it all feels dull.

(2) Heavy Heart
Your mind and heart looses control and gets you to be incapable of making decisions or dealing with the world. You feel like escaping the reality.

This is the only time when you need to remind yourself that there will be good days to all bad days. The intensity of this pain will lessen and time will help you cope.

You need to remember how even though nobody can ever replace your pain or feel what you’re feeling – you’re strong. You’re strong to survive this and you’re strong for the time that’s coming forth. At this point, let your loved ones assist you and be by your side. Sooner or later, you have to face changes in your life. You have to grow through them and here’s what you always need to keep in mind –

(1) Take good care of yourself & Eat Right
Lack of sleep, addiction to alcohol or drugs as an escape mechanism or misbalanced diet can make you lead the most unhealthy lifestyle at worst of times.

(2) Keep Company
As much as you want to be alone, you need to remember that it might wreck your peace of mind as time passes by. Let your loved ones – friends & family – know of whenever you’re comfortable to talk things out. Share memories and lighten your heart.

(3) Join a Support Group & Visit Places
As time passes by, divert yourself and indulge in doing activities. You can consider joining a support group and talking to people who suffer the same. You can also consider making visits to religious spots in seek of faith and peace of mind. Listening to hymns can be relieving and uplifting for your soul.

(4) Do not be afraid of seeking professional help
Short-term talk therapies always help. It’ll help you get an unbiased advice and help you grasp the right path in life.

However, for some people this mourning might be for more than the usual time period, for which they can be prone to suffer from depression or anxiety. In such a situation, it is essential that you seek professional guidance. Both men and women feel the same pain, the same fear of the future and the same suffering. It’s all about the ability of taking charge of your life that embarks a difference.

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