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❝It’s not the load that breaks you, it’s the way you carry it.
– Lou Holtz

Stress due to work pressure has two elements – the stress which is within one’s comfort zone can help one stay focused, energetic & enthusiastic, whereas, the stress that exceeds one’s comfort zone causes major damage to the mind of that individual. Stress at work place is usual; however, excessive stress can affect one’s performance & capabilities. It can vigorously affect mental as well as physical health of an individual.

The foremost Causes of Job Stress or Work Stress can be the following –

(A) Some working conditions and environments are stress-inducing, like insecurity of losing your job, excessive workload demands, no clear direction to decision making, etc.

(B) Differences in individual characteristics – such as distinctive personalities and capabilities – can cause unhealthy competition at different levels of the job.

Here are some “Stress At Work” symptoms you might face some time or another  –

(1) Apathy, loss of interest in the work
You might face the dilemma of losing interest in the work you do versus earning for a living. It might be so because of the same routine or no progress over time or lack of appraisals.

(2) Feeling anxious, irritable or depressed
Anxiety and irritation arises when one feels dissatisfied about certain things. All such feelings result in intense depression and reduces the urge to make a change. This affects the productivity of an individual from all aspects.

(3) Problems Sleeping
Lack of sleep can affect your behavior a lot. It can slow down your pace of working and make you feel excessively tired throughout the day. This can also affect your health & well-being.

(4) Consuming Alcohol / Drugs
Consumption of Alcohol or Drugs can drastically change your behavior towards others and towards yourself. You might feel impatient, easily irritated and vulnerable. You must seek professional help if things seem on the verge of getting out of hand.

Always remember, your life is in your hands. You can control what you think about more than anybody in this world. Here are some,

Tips to beat stress and regain a healthy, peaceful thought process

(A) Talk it Out
Take a deep breath and share your thoughts. Make positive friendships & relationships in your work environment. The more sociable you become with your coworkers, the more do people understand you. Try engaging in colleagues. The other person doesn’t necessarily fix your problem, they just become your shoulder whilst you face it.

(B) Find an Outlet for your Frustration
The energy produced in stress can be utilized in ways to divert your mind. You can work out, do aerobic exercises, etc or try walking, dancing, swimming or playing something outdoor. In occurrence of a movement, you shift the focus from your thoughts to your body. Work out for 30 minutes every day on an average and you will feel the change.

(C) Eat Healthy
One’s food choices have a direct impact to their everyday life. For example, eating frequent meals in small amount helps your body keep your energy & focus in one direction and maintains an even level of blood sugar. Low blood sugar makes you feel anxious & irritable while eating too much can result in lethargic behavior.

(D) Sleep Well
Stress causes insomnia and so lack of sleep can result in irritability and vulnerable to more stress. It’s easy to be emotionally agile & balanced if one has a healthy sleeping cycle, which is a key factor at work place. The apt requirement for a good and healthy sleep is that of 8 hours – none more, none less. Also, turn off electrically equipped screens before going to sleep as the light emitted from TVs, smart phones/tablets, laptop etc suppresses the body production of melatonin & can severely disrupt sleep.

(E) Organize your lifestyle
Work stress can be threatening and even worse when things go haywire. Form a “Time Table” for a more effective lifestyle. Write down your tasks in accordance to the priorities they hold. This helps you regain the lost control in the given situation. Break your projects & researches into small tasks in order to efficiently complete the task.

(F) Let Go of your Bad Habits
Set realistic goals for yourself, give away perfectionism and pessimism. Do not try to control what’s out of your league – it might demoralize you and make you feel like a failure when you’re unable to achieve the task, despite justified inabilities circumstantially. Also, do not pass instant judgments’ to your capabilities, try to stay encouraged.

Henceforth, you should learn to work on yourself rather than being unproductive by taking immense stress and sticking to it. Nervousness leads to anxiety which increases stress. You have a right to decide how you want your minds to think, look and feel, but unfortunately you do not exercise these rights. Instead, you might tend to drift along, victims of your own ignorance of the fact that you can have what you want, if you are willing to take that first step toward developing the self-discipline to govern your thoughts.

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