You will be shocked to know these facts about Employee Wellness in most Organisations

Corporate employee wellness programe

Cafe Counsel’s Programs under CEAP are essentially the employee benefit and wellness program specifically designed to suit the need of the employees. CEAP can help your employees to resolve range of diverse issues, which may be affecting their performance and productivity at work, health and overall well-being adversely. Our Corporate Employee Assistance Programs cover a combination of assessments, short-term counseling and referral services for employees and their immediate family to create a desired work life balance.

CEAP works on the basics like guidance to manage stress in every day life. Our programs provide complete privacy and a one-stop solution for overall welfare to provide adequate support and resources. CEAP can help employers improve productivity, increase employee morale, and also help in reducing absence and turnover.

Interesting facts about Employee Wellness in most Organisations


 One of the best companies as far as employee wellness is concerned, Technogym is a dream workplace. They provide everything which can de-stress an employee, right from Omnia circuit, Tai chi, group cycling, or even basketball or beach activities. The company does not want to take any chance or risk on the mental health of the employees, and hence, leave nothing to chance.


 Did you know that the company has a space wherein the employees can put in their weekly vent reports? Yeah, that is the truth. No more hushed conversations of what makes one unhappy at work.

Triple – S 

The employees at the company can participate in a Leadership Development Academy, wherein they are given various lessons in ethics, strategic planning, emotional intelligence, time management, and so on.


Apart from the usual fun activities to bust stress, Lantern also has stress management coaches for every employee, so that any level of anxiety or tension that they possess can be dealt with immediately.


 The giant company has created a community called gPause, which encourages meditation, monitors eating habits, so that the employees are not just healthy from outside, but from mind as well.

Bowers + Kubota

 The best you can do to boost an employee, is encourage him or her for a good work done. Not just in words, but by means as well. Bowers + Kubota follow a practice of on-spot bonus which is gives a boost to the morale of the employees and keeps them going, happily. Also, unlike most other corporates, the company also doles out bonuses twice a year, if the conditions permit so.

Shocking, yet pleasantly surprising, isn’t it? The companies in India need to embrace the same culture. We are growing, as far as technical aspects are concerned, but we need to take our human resource as more than just an asset. Employee wellness and their mental health is very important.

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