Excessive Crying – A symptom of Anxiety

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We all cry for distinctive reasons. What’s yours?

Do you feel you’re crying too much these days?

Is it happening too often and every now & then?

Are you able to make sense of your excessive crying?

According to psychology, tears are most easily triggered in response to a friendly gesture, a sympathetic voice, a familiar face, or other signs of safety. Where as it never happens at the height of a crisis, in the presence of enemies or during periods of unrelieved sadness. So crying is also an emotional disorder, it isn’t just about negativity, fear or resentment, it could be anything as good as love, joy, care or gratitude. But like we say, excess of everything is bad, so it goes for crying as well. And if you are suffering incessantly – you need help.

Does your body signifies you of an abnormality through stomach rumblings, muscle cramps, energy etc, well this could be one of the stranger signs of a mental health issue? Are you thinking about the frequent crying spells in the past. Well, excessive crying is often considered a result of mental stress and anxiety, when your mind is so over worked that it leads to emotional outbursts and therefore excessive crying.

Physiologically speaking, emotional tears are elicited when a person’s system shifts rapidly from sympathetic to parasympathetic activity—from a state of high tension to a period of recalibration and recovery. Depending on the circumstances, individuals typically describe such shifts as “letting go,” “going off duty,” or “giving up.”

Cause for Emotional Imbalance and Excessive Crying 

(1) You’re Stressed Out / Tired

Higher levels of anxiety and stress (tension) are connected  to excessive crying behaviors. It can be so that some people feel relieved after a good cry while some might be engrossed into deeper thoughts post a cry. There is also some limited evidence that stress hormones may be secreted by the tears when crying in response to stress or negative emotions, compared to non-emotional tears.

(2) You’ve Two X Chromosomes

Do you know that a woman is biologically built to cry more often than a man, even though a man’s tear duct is larger than a woman’s. Women are sensitive towards everything that comes their way. They tend to overthink and over analyze & then assume deep enough to cry about things as compared to men.

(3) Something is bothering you

You are probably keeping too much inside your heart/mind. When such a situation arises and the cry seems unpleasant, let it out. Maybe you’re disturbed about some incident or weighed under a ton of thoughts.

Deep thinking and negative attitude can burden our hearts and wreck our thinking process. It is our thoughts that make us cry more than anything else, which is why we should handle our mind more maturely and wisely. The Online Counseling at Cafe Counsel will also help in mental nourishment and thereby enabling mindfulness. Feeling emotional and sensitive can be natural. Emotions are your mind’s way of responding to life’s events and on their own they’re actually a healthy outlet. They bust stress. Even anger has its place, and while many people show inappropriate anger, there are times when anger is necessary for as much as crying or anxiety can be.

Crying is a natural stress reliever. When you cry, you’re letting emotions out of your system.  Crying specifically  helps in providing relief by bringing the stress levels down. It eases out the brain nerves and relaxes mind.

However, what sometimes people suffer from is worse. Some people’s anxiety is so strong it leads to flat affect – or the inability to feel emotions. These people cry less, but they also are unable to experience any happiness or joy. They numb their expressive nature. They generally experience one constant feeling of negativity each and every day. It tends to make them mentally unhealthy. Excessive Crying is seen as one of the symptoms.

If such a situation arises with you or your dear ones, here are some things you need to do as soon as possible –

(1) Talk them out of it
Talking is the best medicine to heal an unhealthy mind. Share their thoughts and assure them of how you will not judge them and accept them the way they are – for that is what a true bond demands. At Café Counsel, our counselors are trying to do exactly the same, we want people to talk to us and allow us to help them.

(2) Support them & Tell them you Understand
People can be nasty and stubborn but that is how anybody can be in their bad times. What you ought to do is stay patient and let the other person know that you’re by their side for sometimes that’s the only thing one needs to hear.

There are times we wonder as to how to stop themselves from feeling like they need to cry. But the reality is that you shouldn’t – if you need to cry, you shouldn’t hold back. Crying at times is also a release mechanism, it helps in mental detox as when one cries, the negativities are being discharged.

This may go against your instinct, but one of the issues that leads to more intense anxiety is holding back your emotions. There are two reasons for this:

1. It’s a natural coping mechanism. While it’s true that some emotions can be “irrationally caused,” when the feeling is there it’s because your body needs to do it to feel better. Crying will almost always help.

2. It can drain you emotionally if you hold back your emotions. You have to focus your energy specifically on trying not to cry, which means that you are forced to dwell on the way you feel for longer, which only serves to increase stress and anxiety.

However, when you feel like you need to cry for no apparent reason, then the crying itself can be considered by you as irrational later in time. But that doesn’t mean you don’t still need to cry. If your body is telling you to cry, then allowing yourself to cry is better for your stress coping. Don’t be hard on yourself, that’s the worse you can do. Just understand your emotions better and cope with it and there are chances you will feel – this is lot difficult and you will try to make sense out it.

There is also a possibility that you would not like to talk to any known person, that is fine. But you must talk to a friend or talk to our counselors at café counsel, they sure will understand and help with the best they can and all of it confidentially. We are your online friends and we are the space where you matter most. For any help, please write to connect@cafecounsel.com or chat with experts now.

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