5 Simple Daily Habits to Adopt Today to Make Yourself More Productive

habits to improve productivity

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort”

Paul J. Meyer, Author

By now we all know how important productivity is to accomplish any mission in life. And yet, many of us falter when it comes to giving the task at hand our very best.

But did you know that basic alterations in the way we do our work can make a huge difference in the output?

Here are 5 simple habits to make you more productive.

Take action

“Action is the most important key to any success.”

Tony Robbins, Life Coach, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Author.

It cannot get simpler than this. In order to be more productive or see any results for that matter, you have to put in the work.

While ideas and the visions seem marvellous in the head, they will remain over there unless you do something about it. It is as good as not laying the seeds but expecting the plant to grow.

So how to take and not take action? The below points will give you a better idea.

Note: If you feel that stress and anxiety are coming in the way of you taking action, you can resort to online counselling to heal the problem from its roots. You can also be a part of a stress management program or employment wellbeing program.

Follow the 80/20 rule

“Focus on being productive instead of busy,”

Tim Ferriss, Public Speaker, American Author, Entrepreneur

Sure, everyone is busy, but are you occupied with things that really need to be done or whiling away precious time on work that is not a priority right now?

As per this rule, only 20 percent of the work you do in a day yields 80 percent of results. It is important that you figure out that what comes under that 20 percent of work and focus on executing it.

To make things easier, you can create a table of tasks that go under ‘Urgent and Important’, ‘Urgent and Not Important’, ‘Important and Not Urgent’, ‘Not Important and Not Urgent’. Concentrate on getting the tasks under the first two tables done for more efficiency.

As Stephen Covey, Educator, Author, Businessman, and Keynote Speaker famously said,

“The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

This is one of the habits that will make you more productive and get you excelling on the professional front.

Complete your most important/challenging work by the first half

Now that you have figured out what needs to be done, try completing your most important/challenging part of your work in the first half of the day.

Many of us have this tendency of taking things light during the initial part the day and getting into a panic mode later. But by then we have already lost a major chunk of our time and energy.

Richa Nair, Lawyer says,

“Time is especially precious to me as I am an independent consultant who also has two kids to care of. So, what I do is have my most important meetings and work done by afternoon and leave the not so important ones in the evening. In this manner, most of my work is complete by the evening and I am also able to devote time to my kids and live an enriched life.”

Cut out the noise, clutter and unnecessary work

Referring to the table that we have mentioned above all of this will come under the category of ‘Not Important and Not Urgent’.

Say, for instance, you have an important presentation to make and you only have a limited amount of time to work on it.

But instead of doing that, you are busy organising and arranging your clothes. Or, rather than working at the task at hand in the office, you are whiling away moments on reading WhatsApp forwards.

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In order to be more productive, all of this noise, clutter and unnecessary work needs to be cut out.

Take to the advice of Marie Forleo, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author and Web Television Host of Marie TV.

She suggested in one of her videos to go in an aeroplane mode when the work needs to be done. So, switch off from the noise and tune in to the task at hand. 

Take breaks but wisely

Now, this may seem like contradictory to the above point, but please understand the difference between wasting your time mindlessly and taking a break after a period of heightened concentration.

Studies have already backed this up saying that taking short breaks can help as you come back refreshed and with renewed energy.

It will also give you a fresh perspective if you are stuck in your work somewhere.

Haven’t we all been through that situation where we are not able to come up with a solution to a certain issue but post a break, the answer suddenly seems crystal clear?

Always keep in mind that by being more productive, you are gifting yourself a better and enriched life.

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