Café Counsel’s Self-Help Guide: ‘How to Make Successful Decisions.!’

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“Decision making is the force that shapes destiny,”

Tony Robbins, Life Coach, Author, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Our decisions have the power to shape and transform our lives. The right one can drive us towards unfathomable heights of success whereas the wrong choice can set us on a downward spiral path.

So how do we take a decision which works? Here is a self-help guide…

Understand the scenario and ask yourself, what do you plan to achieve out of this decision?

While making your decision, it is very important to understand yourself, the scenario, your priorities and what you plan to achieve out of the whole thing.

If what you decide resonates with your true authentic self or is enabling you to reach your goal, you are more likely to stick to it as well as be happy about it.

Sumithra Das, former Assistant Director shares her experience, “I was struggling as an Assistant Director for several years and had reached my wit’s end.

There was a tough decision to make, either I continue to be in this unpredictable position in Bombay or I move back to Calcutta with my parents and make a living out there.

When I meditated on it, I realised that my odds of making it big were much better in my hometown. What I really wanted was a creative outlet and do something substantial in films.

My choice paid off and today I am in a much better place professionally and personally.”

Risks vs Rewards

Before you dive in, it is vital that you to assess the risks and rewards of the situation.

Make a good old pros and cons list and foresee how the decision plays out in an unbiased manner. This will also help reduce the anxiety and stress that you might feel about making that choice.

You can take to the words of wisdom of Marie Forleo, American Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Author and Web Television host of Marie TV.

She had suggested on her channel to take a worst-case scenario test.

“How exactly would you deal with it?…Write down the worst things that would happen and the exact steps you would take to get back on your feet. Deal with that worst-case scenario in advance. If it is beyond what you are willing to risk, then you have your answer.”

The Life Coach also talks about the best-case scenario test, where you jot down all the good things that will be accomplished by this decision.

By delving into both, you know that you have looked at all prospects and are more confident in coming up with a conclusion.

Do your research/test drive your decision

One of the ways to weigh in the practical angle is to do research and test drive your decision.

This can entail many things. If the choice you make is going to impact others as well, it is vital that you take them into confidence and hear out their side of the story.

Or, for instance, if you are planning to move to a new city, you can try staying there for a couple of days and see if the place vibes with you.

And in case you plan to completely change your path of career, take a part time class while you are working and see if it connects with you.

Remember, you must create a homogenous environment for yourself before you take action and completely surrender to your decision. This will also help you ease into the transition.  

If your concern is work-related and you feel that your mind is too cluttered to come up with a solution, you can also opt for one of employee well-being programs in India.

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Always have a backup plan

As much as you have looked at all the angles and thought your decision through, there might be a slight possibility that the plan might take a turn for the worst. It has happened to the wisest of the people.

So, always have a backup plan. Think of alternatives which can be explored if things do not turn out the way they are supposed to.

Leave space for some adjustments and modification.

In this manner, you can do some damage control. For instance, if you are planning to leave your job and start your own company, you might have to think about an alternative steady source of income in case the business is delayed or never takes off. You can also seek advice from an online life coach to come up with better alternatives.

Look at it as a learning curve

And lastly, look at your decision as a learning curve. If it was successful, ruminate over what made it work and if it was not, ponder about that too.

In this manner, you can make better and lasting decisions for the future too.


nothing goes for waste and if you feel that things are not going your way, you always have the power to reverse the situation.  

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