Lack of interest in a Relationship is not the End of it.

Lack of interest in a Relationship is not the End of it

Do you feel that your relationship with a person is completely over because they have stopped showing interest in you or the things they used to go head-over-heels about with regard and reference to you?

No relationship is devoid of complications & here’s to why you’re probably passing a wrong judgment!

Remember, that in every relationship, there are two halves of your relationship. One half is you – other half being your son, daughter, father, mother, friends or partner. Of those halves, you are only responsible for your half. It doesn’t matter how close you are or how strong you feel your bond is – there is no way that you can be responsible and aware of what might be going on in another person’s head. You can never know what that person feels, what they believe and what they assume. You don’t know anything about that person. That’s the truth. But what do you do? You try to be responsible for the other half which is why relationships are based on fear, drama and the war of control.

Communication is the primary base of all relationships. There are times one might face communication gaps that grave silences, leading to overthinking & assumptions. This feeling brings up the need of that individual to hold back on explaining what they feel than talking it out with the other person in the relationship.

However, there are instances we tend to assume the building of a communication gap by overthinking. We all have our mind-spaces. There are times that people might have a specific event going on in their life that keeps them caught up in themselves. At this point, due to the inability of expressing & talking out the matter, the person on the other side seems to feel like every little bit of the relationship has gone haywire. But remember thats not the end of it, any relationship can be nurtured through the basic rule of communication.

Ways in which you can bridge the gaps in a relationship:

(1) Support Them

Sometimes, because we are unaware about the whole problem, we are unable to pass the right judgment. At such times – secretly – all the other person asks for is Support. Just by telling them that you’re there for them would be more than enough. If they choose not to share the problem with you, it might genuinely be that they did not get the time to narrate the whole thing to you just as it happened or that they’re too sad about it that they don’t want you to worry about it as well.

Mutual support in such situations is the key to maintain trust and camaraderie at the same time.

(2) Be Humble

It is always wise to be humble. Pride kills relationships faster than anything. Do not get mad at the other person for reacting in a way that you find inappropriate (in a problematic situation where that other person is upset about something & avoiding you) because one of you has to take the driving seat & be a better person.

When the other person is already surrounded with negative emotions, high on pride and ego, it is always best to stay humble and to wait for a conversation. At Cafe Counsel, we value the power of conversations be it any sort of relationship, a dialogue is all it takes, say our expert counselors.

(3) Express Your Concern

Talk to the other person and tell them that a particular thing about them is bothering you. Sit with them and politely tell them that you’re feeling hurt about how that person has chosen not to share the problem with you. Be expressive but not aggressive!

Many a times a vacuum is created out of expectations when one person in the relationships opts out and starts jumping on conclusions. Be it parent-child relationship, husband-wife or any other relationship, expressions in an assertive way.

(4) Give Space

Do not try to be a control freak. Sometimes, giving the other person space will give them the time to think through stuff & buzz you when they’re done. That way, you’ll make space for yourself in their lives in the most polite and decent manner. Don’t completely avoid them, let them know of your concerns but don’t drag them to converse.

Every relationship should have mutual understanding. One should trust the bond they share with another person despite their circumstantial behavior. We all feel lonely and insecure. These feelings force us to act in a way we don’t mean to which weakens the bond.

Apart from communication gap, another reason to fading interest in any relationship can be monotony due to some pattern or routine that you’re sharing together, that the other person is temporarily tired of. Nature varies from person to person. It is not so that what you prioritize, your partner does to. There can be times when your thoughts can completely differ and it’s perfectly normal if that is so. One should have an open-mind in any relationship they have.

There should be confidence & contentment within self than blaming the other person for behaving rude and selfish. You should confide in all that you do for the other person and not let yourself feel insecure about anything. After all, there is a thin line between determination and desperation. Not everything can always be under control – especially the way people feel and where they choose to put their care and time – which is why the wiser thing to do is let loose of the situation because it does not necessarily mean that you’re wrecking your relationship.

However, if you feel you are completely unable to handle the situation, seek professional help. To know more, click here or email to to a live chat session. 

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