7 things my Dad taught me to handle anything which life throws at me! I’m passing the same to my child!


Life can be quite a mix ball, putting you through a roller-coaster of emotions and experiences.

I too have had my share of ups and downs but thankfully, through it, all was my father’s unhindered support.

I clung on to his words of wisdom which became my mantra for dealing with any kind of situation.

Today, he is one of the main reasons for me doing well and running a successful startup of my own.

Here are 7 things my dad taught me to handle anything which life throws at me! I’m passing the same to my child!

-Amrutha Das

1). Feel the fear and do it anyway

I remember when I was twelve years old and had this great desire to perform on stage for a school play.

I was tormented, a part of me wanted to show off my talent but then there was another part that was overwhelmed with fear. Various thoughts kept creeping into my head, ‘what if I forget my lines’, ‘what if people laugh at me’, etc.

There were many bullies in school that I knew would poke fun at me.

That is when my dad gave me one of my first valuable lessons in life. Like a wise child psychologist, he told me that

‘feeling fear and anxiety is one of the most natural things in life.’

But what sets an accomplisher apart from the rest is that they feel the fear but still do it anyway. So that is exactly what I did and the play became a turning point in my life.

2). Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try

Since childhood, I was a big dreamer. And that meant that most of my thoughts and visions were stuck in my head. Be it the projects that I had to do in school or the desire to lose weight.

But I always looked up to my father, the manner in which he took business decisions and gave shape to his visions.

Coming from a humble middle-class family, he had to build everything from scratch, practically out of nothing! One of his mottos in life is

‘every accomplishment starts with a decision to try’.

And it is because he tried, he could build the empire today. The same applies for me too today.

3). When the going gets tough, the tough get going

I distinctly remember, when the government had opened up the market for international companies, my papa’s business got a hit.

It was around the same time that I had flunked a year in school.

I had gone through major depression as all my friends had been promoted to another class but I had been left behind.

And while I was drowning in my sorrow, he just took stock of his business and kept meeting prospective clients and business partners to a profitable situation. He made me write on my door

‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’.

So each time I felt that I was slipping away, I would take a look at what was written.

This lesson came very handily when I was having trouble in my business too.

Today, I have made my child write the same thing down on his door so that he too can gain strength from it from time to time.

4). This too shall pass

I was a mess at the time that I broke up with the person I thought was the love of my life. Needless to say, my entire world seemed shattered.

I was heartbroken and could barely get out of bed.

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My temper went out of control and I started having anger management issues.

That is when my dad told me

“I know that you feel completely down and cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel but always remember that in life, no matter what situation you are in, it will pass.”

So I held on to his words in a hope of a better tomorrow. And guess what? The phase did pass and in a matter of months, I was doing so much better.

5). Be sincere and the universe will reward you in some form or the other

My first job was a nightmare. I had a mean boss who was constantly out to get me, my colleagues were girls who seemed to come straight out of the movie, ‘Mean Girls’.

The work too was extremely challenging.

There were so many times when I just wanted to quit or not deliver what I had to.

Once again my father came to my rescue. As much as I hated the atmosphere, he nudged me to be sincere. He said that

‘when you do so the universe will reward you in one form or the other.’

My dad even took me to career counselling to be able to perform better at work.

I was glad that I stuck around and put in my best as what I learned both on a professional level and an emotional level (as to how to handle tough people and situation) came in really helpful for my company.

And he was right, it did pay off!

6). When you can’t find sunshine, be the sunshine

I got married in an arranged set up and I have to admit, my husband was not exactly my ideal man. I used to constantly nag my father about him.

That is when he gave me some beautiful words of wisdom yet again. He said,

‘when you can’t find sunshine, you should be the sunshine.’

So instead of depending on my husband to do all the things for me, I set out to do them on my own.

I became independent and what do you know, my hubby dearest did follow suit!

I’m not saying that we are the perfect couple today, but I am content and happy as I choose to be my sunshine.

7). Live in the present and do justice to it

This is another valuable lesson that my father has though me.

Sometimes we tend to get too stuck in the past or we start worrying about the future that is so far ahead of us. The best thing to do is focus on the present and do justice to it.

For example, he told me

‘if you take care things at the moment like health, family, finances or business, you will be creating a secure and fulfilling future for yourself.’

So if I catch myself getting too lost in the past or present, I snap myself out of it and try to do justice to my present.

It is amazing how your thought process can change your life. I hope that you all too get something out of this.

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