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Midlife can be one of the most stress-filled phases in a woman’s journey of life. It forces her to deal with the most complex of life’s issues and pushes her to look at who she is and who she wants to become. And this dilemma or outcome gives rise to what we call midlife crisis. Midlife crisis is known to be responsible for many positive as well as negative choices a middle age woman might make. A woman in her 50s choosing to have a plastic surgery or giving herself a makeover that changes her personality altogether or a woman choosing to do a backpacking world tour; all this instances come to mind when we talk about midlife crisis. For the most part these types of decisions don’t have a negative effect unless the behaviour becomes obsessive. On the other hand, those who choose to have illicit love affairs as a way to recapture their youth are making decisions that can be very destructive. But learning how to deal with midlife stress can help ease this experimental phase. Taking proper action on middle age feelings can save relationships, finances and lives. Recognizing that a midlife crisis is an opportunity for personal growth and transformation can create new meaning and fulfilment for this next stage in life.

Turn it into Midlife Transformation

Now isn’t it all about moulding or transforming yourself into a better you. Midlife crisis can be seen as an opportunity to take action, revaluate priorities and transform life for the better. Think about yourself two decades or three decades back when you started working or got married, how you evolved as a person. Take this as yet another transformative period. One marked by tremendous growth around achieving new goals or revisiting old ones. It’s also about coming to terms with new life patterns and finding new meanings in one’s life.

Take time for yourself

Halfway through life is good enough time to figure out who you are and how you want to live the rest of your life. So start analyzing and thinking about the things you wanted to try earlier in your life, and reconsider these. It’s not too late to go back to school, take a hobby seriously or change careers. With careful thought and planning, many things are possible!

Stay active

I think this is the greatest mantra of life no matter what age you are in. Regular exercise will help you feel good emotionally and physically. Staying active is great for uplifting low moods, while it helps you maintain body tone and physical strength. Feeling good from inside can happen when you are healthy and exercise is a great way to survive the midlife blues. You can join a gym, go for zumba or a walking club for women. Through these activities, try and connect with women who know what a midlife crisis feels like. Staying active is also not just about sweating, you can pursue fun and nurturing activities, such as visiting a park, taking part in marathons or going for a cycle ride with kids.

Laugh out loud

Laughter can be the best stress buster on this planet. Learn to find humour as you experience challenges throughout the day. Laughter actually reduces your level of stress hormones and can increase your immune system. Pick your favourite stand up comedians (not all make sense though) available in social media platforms and make laughing an exercise through it. This little exercise will take the seriousness of life out of your system and will add happiness instead.

Surviving a midlife crisis isn’t always a cake walk but the above tips will help you deal with it. For further help and support, we can always be on your side!

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