Do no mistake Depression from being an Introvert?

Difference between being Introvert and Depressed. Cafe Counsel

Introvert refers to a shy, reticent person. Many a times a person who loves being aloof, who gets along less or someone who takes good time to mingle in a group is pointed as an introvert.

Are you an introvert?

Do you know that there is quite a possibility that someone who is being understood an introvert undergoing depression?

The root of the whole study and analysis in the basic difference between introvert and extrovert – is deeper & far more complex than just introvert being a shy or reserved person and extrovert being an outgoing individual. Introverts primarily focus on their inner worlds whereas extroverts are more naturally oriented towards the outside world.

It’s a psychological fact that introverts are more likely to be depressed and those who are depressed are also prone to introversion. In short, social isolation begets social isolation, and the positive feedback loop created therein can have serious repercussions for the person experiencing it. It is a fact that introverts are drained of energy by interaction whilst they gain energy in solitude and quiet. If you happen to be an introvert, there is a strong possibility that you would feel misunderstood or your actions would be misinterpreted. And if you happen to be an extrovert – you have a handful of misconceptions about the introverts in your life.  Here’s why :

(1) Quietness
An introvert loves solitude. For a moment, if we keep aside the categories of an Introvert & an Extrovert, let’s look at a situation. If we are upset about something or we feel let down – don’t we avoid conversations? There is always a sudden urge of a “Me-Time” to think through our thoughts and understand what we actually feel. Now put this situation in parallelism of being an introvert. It is very possible that a person is avoiding social contact and regular conversations to being quiet for a reason. The person can be disturbed or seriously upset but resistant to seek help and comfort due to umpteen reasons.

(2) Social Life
Introverts hardly have a social life, by choice. They feel that being alone is more relieving and satisfying than being with peers. It can be sheer anxiety or some event that has broken them real bad, that makes them believe that everybody is just like that one person who let them down. Such a thought process is common in many people and due to such a belief one tends to push away and stay reserved in order to protect themselves.

(3) Confidence
To avoid confrontation and being shy are the only basis of judgment to a low confidence in self. If you are confident about yourself, you will choose to not be shy in situations you needn’t be shy in. Introverts often tend to shy away. It is a sign of demeaning confidence in an individual, where he/she believes they’re less than somebody else in any particular field and choose to let go than understanding what’s even going on.

If you are an introvert, you are born with a temperament that craves to be alone, delights in meaningful connections, thinks before speaking and observes before approaching. If you are an introvert, you thrive in the inner sanctuary of the mind, heart and spirit, but shrink in the external world of noise, drama and chaos. As an introvert, you are sensitive, perceptive, gentle and reflective. You prefer to operate behind the scenes, preserve your precious energy and influence the world in a quiet, but powerful way. ― Aletheia Luna

The vagueness in the attitudes of an Introvert can be very harmful for them. As human beings, we are functioned in a way that we have to share our thoughts and feelings with another person in order to lead a mentally healthy lifestyle. Introverts are people who pretend to be in denial of this universal & natural fact to hold closer to depression than letting it out. It can be the fear of consequences or the drama that comes forth that they make such a choice.

There is a link between isolation and rumination and depression, so if you do a lot of those, then you might be depressed more, and that’s probably a greater risk for introverts than extroverts – reason being distinctiveness in either’s natures’.

Here are some handy tips to keep an Introvert away from Depression:

(A) Think Right
If you are or  have chosen a path to being an introvert – here’s what you should think. You are your longest and most intimate relationship. You are the only person who will always be there. If you have thought about keeping away from the outside world & being a true introvert, as long as you have the healthy thought process, it will not turn out to be harmful for you.

(B) Talk
It can be so that you bring a change in your attitude & decide to talk your thoughts out. Talking helps more than manipulating your own thoughts. In the tip above, guiding your own self is wise but it’s difficult when your head is full of conflicting thoughts. At such a point, sharing your thoughts can be a way out. Learn to trust people who stick around you when you’re at your worst – for they will always be true to you.

(C) Break the Monotony
Throw off your routine for a day. Try to divert your mind if it’s getting too much. Put your energy into something that turns out to be productive for you and your mental health! In addition, doing something fun or comforting might help. Buy new clothes. Cook something new. Get a pedicure. Buy a new video game. Do anything that brings you pleasure and excitement and takes your mind off things.

Always remember, your life is in your hands. Nobody understands you more than yourself. Misunderstanding of sheer depression to being an introvert can be very harmful. It can destroy one’s mental health. And if at all your silence with the outside world is troubling your peace of mind and not helping you in keeping calm, speak to us. Be alert and do not mistake an introvert as depressed or vice versa. Call us or write to and we will help you secure your happiness.

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