Online counselling: A Revolutionary Transformation of My Life

cafe counsel-online counselling-A revolutionary transformation of my life

Online counselling: A Revolutionary Transformation of my Life

– Shilpa Karanth, Media Professional 

There are some people in life who can handle any kind of situation with flying colours. Unfortunately, I was never one of them.

The way I approached any scenario was with stress and anxiety. It got to a point where I began showing physical symptoms.

For instance, right before exams, my tummy would go for a complete toss and I had to be on medication.

During my school days, I still lived in the protected umbrella of my parents and teachers. They did not approve of my illogical behaviour but were mostly lenient and comforting.

The real test began when I started working. It was like being thrown into this vicious pool and needless to say, I could barely keep myself afloat.

The work pressure, office politics and my inability to perform due to acute fear drove me insane.

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I took to drinking incessantly and food became my go-to comfort solution for everything.

The sad part was that with all my melodrama, acting out, anger management issues and change in physical appearance, my relationship with my boyfriend hit the rocks.

Life seemed kind once again when I got married in an arranged marriage set up. But that too opened the floodgates of a different kind of stress and anxiety.

Being out of the nestled environment of my parents and in a different city with unknown people trigged my pattern once again.

I was having sleepless nights, waking up and crying and behaving illogically. My weight increased drastically leading to PCOD.

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While my husband was understanding initially, I could see that he was losing patience. The memories of my previous relationship came rushing back and I feared that I would lose my husband too.

By now I knew that I had a tendency of suffering from chronic stress, anxiety and depression.

I looked it up online and there were two things that further scared me.

Firstly, those who suffer from depression and anxiety are twice at risk of heart disease than those who aren’t and secondly, there is a relation between acute and chronic stress and one’s addictive substances.

I was already overweight and making a fool of myself with drinking!

I made up my mind that I would take counselling. But with work and home duties, there was very little time for me to step out.

And as I was still new in my marriage, I wasn’t sure how my husband and in-laws would react.

I came across the prospects of online counselling when I searched for psychologists in India.

While I was apprehensive at first, one talk with the online coach put me completely at ease.

So, we scheduled for the online counselling when my mother-in-law went for her walks and husband was still in office.

I cannot put into words how thankful I am for this decision of mine.

It was as good as face to face therapy, only better as it was discreet and flexible (and I could do it lying comfortably on my favourite chair).

The counsellor worked through my deep-rooted issues of childhood and changed my perception and approach towards life.

I was first made to understand my behavioural patterns and then taught how to alter it for my personal and professional growth.

She even gave me techniques to calm myself and veer away from getting into a destructive pattern.

As I changed for the better, things around me changed and I found myself in a more positive and fruitful environment.

It was like the feeling of release you get after you have fought a life-long disease. Life still throws curveballs from time to time but I deal with a lot more elegance and poise than I used to.

And guess what? After my husband saw the wave of positive difference in me, I confided about my online counselling. He was intrigued and took one of the stress management programs.

For those of you who have gone through similar issues, I want to tell you that

you do not have to live your life in suffering.

Online counselling with its advantages gives you wings to lead the life you deserve to.

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