Preparation before presenting your partner to your parents

Preparation before presenting your partner to your parents

Has it been long that you are in a relationship and now you have made your mind to introduce your partner to your parents but you are totally wondering how to go about it? Then this article may help you prepare yourself and take necessary steps. Although parents today are much more open minded and accept their children’s choice effortlessly but it’s important for you to be confident about your decision before approaching them. These days as youngsters are leaping ahead, leaving behind all the traditional barriers, even the parents no longer put themselves behind the strict norms of society, tradition, culture etc. But since marriage or choosing partner is an important decision of life, parents tend to get critical about it. Here are some tips that will help you handle this situation pretty well.

Befriend your parents

Many times it so happens that youngsters may fear to face their parents or they may have a communication gap between them for whatever the reason may be. The best way to start building up a good rapport with your parents is by being friends with them. It all begins with spending quality time with your parents, ask them for advice, introduce your friends to them. That way they will feel as an active part of your life. And then slowly and steadily you can start opening up about your personal life pages in front of them.

Share your view on life partner

Every parent starts weaving dreams of watching their children getting married after they turn a certain age. Sometimes the obvious question that comes from parents is whether you are seeing someone or you like someone. Pick this topic to convey in a subtle manner of what’s happening in your life. This gives you an opportunity to indirectly highlight the things that matter to you. This way your parents will be aware of your choice or point of view.

Share your thought with someone really close to your parents

If you are really serious about your relationship and you want to introduce your partner to your parents, it’s very crucial for you to have a supporter within your family. It may be your elder brother, younger sister or even grandmother. But that person should be pretty close and trustworthy with both you and your parents. If that person thinks about your decision to be good, it could be a bonus for you. Make sure not to hide anything about your partner like his/her community, caste, family background etc. before introducing.

Introduce your partner to your family in some public gathering

It’s always better to introduce your partner to your parents as a good friend at some function (may be your friend’s engagement or marriage) where they can actually spend some quality time. But before you take this step, brief your partner about your parent’s liking & disliking. Always remember, ‘first impression is the last impression’ rule works in this situation as well.


It’s tough to convince some reserved and orthodox parents, but it’s not impossible. In midst of all of this you need to be very patient, positive and have empathy towards your parents’ feelings at the same time. After all every parent wants their children to remain happy and blessed. If you are confused and need help related to relationship, marriage or other, our experts are there for you! Book an online session and get advice and guidance on any marriage and relationship related issue.

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