Rebellious Behavior makes you a Difficult Person

You may have rebelled many times in your life. As a child you refused to play with dolls while snatching your brother’s remote controlled bike, as a teenager you may have bunked maths classes while indulging in elocution or as a grown up you may have challenged the norms of society at every step. There may have been many instances, you weren’t even caught! But all the times you were, you competently labelled yourself as a rebel. And since you have lived up to this reputation all your life, you may now refuse to leave such an attitude. Well that may be harmful for you. You have to understand it’s not just your outward actions that count as rebellion. Attitudes and thoughts can be equally as rebellious and lead to just as much trouble in your well grown up life. People around you may narrow it to only mean that you are arrogant enough to consider anything good in life. But having said that we aren’t saying that you shouldn’t continue to be vocal, however now that you’ve entered your matured self, it doesn’t mean that you can’t express your passions, but should instead be doing this by using life lessons, wisdom and grace. And not by putting your family’s happiness, your work at stake.

You are most likely embarrassing your children and family – Although it was probably pretty cool to be a rebellious, passionate young person but a rebellious middle aged person is not very cool. In fact it may sometimes be a complete turn down. Although you may not care what people think of your nature or action, you should be extremely aware of how your behaviour is impacting your kid’s future. If your kid’s teacher or school principal doesn’t believe that you are a serious parent you may be missing out on opportunities for your little one. You may also come off as an embarrassing parent because you act differently and rebelliously. So it’s most likely that your kid will be treated differently by his friends and that won’t leave a good impact on him. You may still be shocking your own parents with your outrageous behaviour (not calling them for weeks, disappearance to one of your solo trips). It’s more likely they will pop in some more medicines to get used to your nature.

You are most likely jeopardising your job – Identify well as to what you are rebelling against and why. In some cases you may be aggressively rebelling against your job that’s paying all your bills. Before you can really stop being a “Rebel without a Cause” you need to know what really are you fighting for. If you start rebelling at work you may indeed end up losing it as well as your reputation in the industry. And if you aren’t happy with your current profile or office, consider empowering yourself to change jobs or careers. Rebelling at work in middle age will only give you a one-way ticket to the unemployment line.

You are most likely fighting to be someone else – By the time you reach a certain age you may have made headway in your career or ticked off most of your goals. Back in time when you were starting up you had to claw and fight your way to the top in order to prove yourself. Now you just may be there. So don’t be so hard on yourself. During your early age you may have been outraged and pushed back against just about everything ranging from disdain against eating meat to cross dressing to affairs, however now some of those vocally fought battles may not even worth your time. Realize that you may no longer have to fight to be someone else, you have already reached where you are meant to be.

You have to understand that attitudes about life change as people age. It doesn’t mean that you’ve become mellow but instead you’ve gained wisdom and insight into how to best expend your energy. If you want us to channelize your rebellious energy into other productive ways, feel free to approach us.

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