11 Self Calming Mantras to teach yourself to deal with your Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

11 self-calming mantras for anxiety, depression and stress

Self-calming mantras for mental health issues.!

Anxiety, stress, and depression are dreadful words that can bring havoc to your life.

Not tending to it can act as a deterrent towards your overall growth, be it personal or professional. And while it is always advisable to seek therapy, you can also resort to some self-calming mantras.

Affirming them repeatedly can relax you and bring about a change in your perception and attitude towards life.

Why self-calming mantras and affirmations?

They set you off on a positive note and bring about a balance of emotions.

As per research, our thoughts and emotions trigger a chemical reaction as it instantly alters our neurochemical that impact our mental, physical and spiritual health.

So when you put out something optimistic and de-stressing, it will send a signal to your brain to relax.

Also, you start behaving in a manner that attracts more positivity.

Having said that, here are 11 mantras to help you along the way…

1) Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

This is especially for those who suffer from depression and anxiety. It is natural to get stuck up in a certain past and feel that your world is shattered due to loss or breakup.

But rather than clinging on to the negative emotions of what has happened, it is best to be thankful for the beautiful memories or the lessons learned that has turned you into the person that you have become today.

A wise teacher once said that when you get old, all you are left is the memories.

So smile because you were fortunate enough to make your book of memories so precious.

2) Tomorrow is another day

When Rhett Butler walks out on Scarlett O’Hara in ‘Gone with the wind’, the wilful lady pulls herself together and ends on a line of hope saying ‘Tomorrow is another day’.

There is great power in this mantra as it changes you from being a victim of circumstances to that of someone in control.

By telling yourself, ‘Tomorrow is another day’, you are acknowledging to yourself that all is not lost and that you have within your capacity to transform the situation and turn it into something better.

3) Breathe in, breathe out, move on

We all know the importance of breath and are often told to take deep breaths when stressed or confused.

When you tell yourself to ‘Breathe in, breathe out and move on’, you are doing many things.

You are relaxing, releasing the negative emotions that are attached to the thought and most importantly moving on and leaving the unpleasantness in the past.

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4) It’s not the end of the world

Though there are many circumstances in life that make you feel like your world has come to an end,  it is not the case (especially when you look back at the incident years later).

By telling yourself that ‘it is not the end of the world’, you are looking beyond the situation and not let what has happened to you define your whole life.

It gives you the strength to focus on better things.

5) I am thankful for all that life is offering me

The attitude of gratitude is a powerful tool. What it does is bring about a shift in your perception.

So instead of acting from a place of anger or disappointment, you are acting out of the feeling of joy, love, and, abundance.

By doing so, not only is your life an enriched one, but you also attract more positivity and happiness into it.

6) Don’t go in your mind where your body has not

This especially applies to those who suffer from anxiety issues, panic attacks and phobias.

Many-a-times, before the situation is even about to take place (if it ever does), we over think it and build it up in such a manner that the imaginary consequence instils acute fear in us.

We then act out of this fear that only does more harm than good.

So when you feel like you are getting sucked into a black hole, tell yourself ‘Don’t go in your mind where your body has not’.

7) I turn to my inner strength and peace

When the world outside of you seems like a snowball of mess and simply not in your control, it is always best to look inside rather than outside.

By telling yourself ‘I turn to my inner strength and peace’, you are turning within yourself and tapping into that inner resource of fortitude and quietness.

You are thus no longer a victim of circumstances.

8) I am not my fears or weakness

We often let our fear and weakness define who we are and our personality gets moulded accordingly.

By telling yourself that ‘I am not my fears or weakness’, you choose to shift your focus from the negative emotions to positive ones.

9) This is only a paper tiger

Imagine a real tiger and the harm it can cause. Now imagine that tiger is nothing but a paper tiger.

Changes your whole response, doesn’t it?

By telling yourself, ‘this is only a paper tiger’, you are diminishing the importance given to the unpleasant situation.

It shows that what appears to be threatening is truly ineffectual.

10) I am an embodiment of grace and strength

This is a beautiful mantra to repeat to yourself not only when times are tough but also on a daily basis.

When you affirm to yourself that you are an embodiment of grace and strength, you truly start believing it and react to a situation with an inner dignity and fortitude rather than being impulsive and getting stressed or scared.

It also works for those who suffer from anger management issues and marital problems.

11) All is well

As cliched as this phrase from the movie ‘3 Idiot’ sounds, it is very effective and powerful.

By repeating over and over again that ‘All is well’, you are reassuring your inner self that things are going to be fine and that there is no reason to get stressed.

You will be more composed towards the problem at hand instead of getting all worked up. Because by the end of it, all will turn out for the best.

Please note:

If you feel that anxiety and depression are coming in the way of your normal functioning of life or being a threat to your existence, it is highly recommended that you visit a professional counsellor.

Psychologists in India are well qualified to give you the treatment that you require and set you off on a path to recovery.

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