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Do you often catch yourself to be in a lot of worry or fearful about certain things? Do you get a lot of negative thoughts? Does the future disturb you?

Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.
– Eckhart Tolle

Thoughts which hold you back and give you doubts and anxiety are categorized as negative thoughts. Always remember, our life is what our thoughts make it. Whilst feeling vulnerable, we tend to take our assumptions to be the reality and disappoint ourselves deeply.

Do you know that conscious thought that you have is recorded and observed by your subconscious mind? Psychology states that your subconscious mind does not question or argue with the validity of a thought that occurs within you. It just takes your word for it. So, if you say, “I am tired or I am broke,” it just says, “Yes, you are tired — Yes, you are broke,” and your thoughts are accurately recorded and repeated in your head. And then your subconscious mind communicates directly with the quantum mind that manifests your reality. Just like the subconscious mind, the quantum mind always says yes. It’s a well-woven fact that at humanity’s current level of collective consciousness, it takes repetitive thoughts or beliefs in order to manifest anything in our lives.

What you really want to happen is what comes under positive thinking & what you never want to be happening comes under negative thinking. And if you sit back and think about it, you always focus on the thinks you don’t want. Negative thinking is a terrible, absurd and an irresistible addiction which directly affects your emotions and reactions in day-to-day life. It is a clean attempt to escapism of a given situation.

There are times we tend not to recognize negative thinking, which is why let’s take a moment to clarify a few aspects of negative thinking and thought processes that affect us in our daily lives –

(1) Self-judgment and perfectionism are the root cause of negative thinking because we tend to criticize more than required.

(2) Negative thinking creates more self-doubt about one’s own potential and caliber.

(3) “If” can force you to back off from a golden chance in your life. Life is all about taking risks, not running away from them.

(4) Negative Thinking can kill confidence. Fear of judgment, failure & disappointment can make you do stupid things.

There are times where we doubt certain consequences. In the fear of these consequences being harsh to our reality, we try to protect ourselves by preparing ourselves for a bad outcome. In thinking about such repercussions over and over, our thoughts become things. Instead of preventing bad things from happening, we command the quantum mind to materialize them. For instance, if you feel you’re unworthy, your thoughts will strongly support you.

Negative Thinking = Ego Issues
Not many people are aware of the fact that ego issues increase negative thinking. Your mind makes you feel powerless. Such a thought arises because the ego in you has set certain parameters – beyond or below which any thought would fear you and make you pessimistic without you realizing. Were you born the way you are right now? Life is all about growth and learning. Since when can you put a pause to your caliber and kill your potential? It’s time you pay attention to ego and loosen its hold on your thoughts.

It is always your current & past beliefs that shape your reality, so if you are reacting to your current reality, you will just keep reinforcing the same old beliefs, and if you wait for proof, you will never change your beliefs. Take a moment to really comprehend this. Hold to your aspiration and believe in yourself. Retrain your mind and throw away all possibilities of negative thinking.

At Café Counsel, we have come across people who feel unnecessary burden of Ego which is nothing but their inability to cope with negative thoughts and emotions. This is not an illness, it is a situation that you need to get out from and that is where we can help.

Try the Pollyanna Thinking
Here is an ideology of a girl named Pollyanna, who was a fictional character. She always saw the good and positive in everything & as a result she transformed an entire town from immense dreary to full of life. “Pollyanna Philosophy” states the absolute need of optimism in our daily life. Your thoughts make you who you are. So why not bring a change in your perspective?

You mind does not control you – instead, your mind is capable of being controlled by you. You’re nearly perfect in your own way. Learning to ignore the voice inside your head telling you that you’re not good enough or not worthy of love & so on is what you’re to do. Always remember, your mind is priceless tool – that – when used properly can attract & create the most beautiful experiences and instances in life, but you must take the driver’s seat. Nobody can do it the most effectively than you can. Yes, it might take some time, but time is going to pass anyway.

If you think you need help of counselors to fight the negative thoughts, choose an expert today on cafecounsel and book an appointment. You can also chat now with the online counselors to help you.

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