Stress, Anxiety, and Depression How It Affects Employee’s

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression How It Affects Employee's

Stress is an underrated term in today’s fast revolving world, where days pass off in a whirlwind. We don’t even have moments pause and rewind, to assess what the pros and cons of a day have been. We are dissatisfied with the productivities and want to achieve more, but there is so much a healthy body can do, and these thoughts lead our mind back to the unhealthy zones, as we keep on thinking and re-thinking, turning average and minuscule mistakes into life-turning blunders, in our heads.

Start shutting it. You are not aware of it, but there is this vicious circle of endless thinking and moping around that is going on and on inside the nerves of your brain, weakening it with every rotation.

There is theory that has been doing round since ages, known as Attention Theory. It is quite relevant today too, and will remain so till the employer-employee relation lasts. It simply states that for optimum productivity, the one element that plays a very important role, is job stress. Yes, negative indeed, but stress does play a very important role, that of understanding how lethal thoughts can be.

Organisational stress not only hampers the personal life of the employee, but also the growth of the organisation as a whole. Every place of work has a chain of movement, and if even one link of the chain starts to rust, it does not take long for the whole chain to crumble, and fall to its destruction.

To first understand how to cure employee job stress, the onus lies on the organisation, and by that extension, on the managers and top management level as well. Red Tape, bureaucracy, mismanagement, pressurising for deadlines, are just few of the many causes that trigger stress. However, stress levels too differ, from person to person and condition to condition. In short, the more an employee is harassed on professional level, the less productive he or she is going to be, and that too, unintentionally. Contrary to the same, when employees are happy, they tend to do more than expected, pouring their heart out into the work.

There are very common symptoms too identify if the person is stressed. Something as basic as sudden increase in leaves and sudden late-coming is one of them. Another symptom is the person’s constant tired demeanour despite regular sleeping hours. Increase in agitation, arguments, uneasiness, further should alert the managers that the employee in question is on the onset of stress.

It may be due to various issues, personal or professional. While personal may not be in the hands of the direct manager, but professional is.

To address this issue, managers should step up and become the voice and ears of the employees. They should encourage them from time to time, and also make sure that the burden of work does not fall on a single person. Politics and backbiting are the two elements that can bring the hurricane of talents down, and dishearten them. It is on the managers and on the employees of the organisation as a whole, to curb such unhealthy practices. A cosy and comfortable interior too helps in calming the mind. Try and vouch for a meditation room where people can go alone for an hour and just be at peace with themselves, one at a time.

An enjoyable work environment and a stress-free workplace begets better productivity. Employees are human resource, the toughest element to manage. If done effectively, it can take the place to heights unfathomable, but if untreated, it can lead a potential genius into pits of the dark. Identify stress, and break it into innumerable tiny pieces.

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