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Hallucinations and Schizophrenia: Everything you need to know about unusual voices, visions and other sensory perceptions.!

cafecounsel-mental-health-conditions-hallucinations and Schizophrenia

Hallucinations and Schizophrenia “The schizophrenic mind is not so much split as shattered. I like to say schizophrenia is like a waking nightmare.” Elyn Saks, Associate Dean, Professor and Author who lives with schizophrenia. “My mother became mentally unwell with schizophrenia when I was in my teens… We couldn’t watch television because she thought the […]


How could Coaching help you overcome Mid-Life crisis?

cafecounsel - mid-life crisis and coaching

Nothing seems worth living for. Everything seems to be meaningless. Feeling unhappy and sad most of the times. Unable to pinpoint what’s exactly wrong in life. Health seems to be out-of-control. No longer resonate or feel the connection with your spouse/partner. Seem to be drifting away from your loved ones. If you have answered a […]


7 Things I wish I knew about mental illness before!

Nervousness, anxiety, depression, I have been going through it all. Since childhood, I was extra sensitive and situations would affect me more than they would others. Battling depression and alcohol abuse was really difficult and there were days when I felt the only place for me was the mental asylum. While I am in a […]


10 Best Foods for Stress Relief

10 Best foods for stress relief

10 Best foods for stress relief Are your stress levels out of control lately? You might want to take a look at what you are eating. Believe it or not, there is a strong connection between the brain and the gut. Thus, consuming specific foods can help reduce stress and anxiety levels whereas the lack […]


Panic Attack? A Guide to “How to Handle a Panic Attack in 10 ways”

How to handle a Panic Attack in 10 ways

How to handle Panic Attacks in 10 ways.! When Bindu Shree, HR Professional thought she lost her bag in the crowded train in Mumbai, she was worried. This is a natural response for anybody in her situation, only that her reaction was accompanied with a pounding of the heart, shaking, nausea and dizziness. What she […]


5 Simple Daily Habits to Adopt Today to Make Yourself More Productive

habits to improve productivity

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort” – Paul J. Meyer, Author By now we all know how important productivity is to accomplish any mission in life. And yet, many of us falter when it comes to giving the task at hand […]


Café Counsel’s Self-Help Guide: ‘How to Make Successful Decisions.!’

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“Decision making is the force that shapes destiny,” – Tony Robbins, Life Coach, Author, Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Our decisions have the power to shape and transform our lives. The right one can drive us towards unfathomable heights of success whereas the wrong choice can set us on a downward spiral path. So how do we […]


Online counselling: A Revolutionary Transformation of My Life

cafe counsel-online counselling-A revolutionary transformation of my life

Online counselling: A Revolutionary Transformation of my Life – Shilpa Karanth, Media Professional  There are some people in life who can handle any kind of situation with flying colours. Unfortunately, I was never one of them. The way I approached any scenario was with stress and anxiety. It got to a point where I began […]


7 things my Dad taught me to handle anything which life throws at me! I’m passing the same to my child!


Life can be quite a mix ball, putting you through a roller-coaster of emotions and experiences. I too have had my share of ups and downs but thankfully, through it, all was my father’s unhindered support. I clung on to his words of wisdom which became my mantra for dealing with any kind of situation. […]


Body Shaming and Why it needs to stop?

Body Shaming and Why it needs to stop?

Body shaming and why it needs to stop In a world obsessed with looks, body shaming (where someone is humiliated by criticising and mocking their appearance), has taken an ugly turn. While it is not a new phenomenon, the rise of social media and the comfort of hiding behind the internet has made it more […]