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How I opened up about my Depression at work and that made a difference!

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How I opened up about my depression at work and made a difference at my workplace I had been battling depression for a long time since my divorce. As rewarding as it was to raise my kid, doing everything alone was not easy. Things really took a turn for the worse when my mother passed […]


Panic Attack? A Guide to “How to Handle a Panic Attack in 10 ways”

How to handle a Panic Attack in 10 ways

How to handle Panic Attacks in 10 ways.! When Bindu Shree, HR Professional thought she lost her bag in the crowded train in Mumbai, she was worried. This is a natural response for anybody in her situation, only that her reaction was accompanied with a pounding of the heart, shaking, nausea and dizziness. What she […]


9 Workplace Trend Predictions for 2018 and How Companies should be Watchful of these Changes.!


1. It’s going to be VOW: Voice of Women as a trend will be seen getting louder and powerful in the boardrooms.The organization today although slowly are waking up from the slumber and helping women employees to break the glass ceiling.Research studies and findings are enforcing organizations to be open and accepting more women in […]