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Tips to stay Emotionally Healthy

Depression and anxiety-Tips to stay Emotionally Healthy

How do you feel when you physically work more, say by overexerting yourself on a hot day, driving for hours around or staying up for 24 hours finishing work? Physically weak, right? You shouldn’t be surprised also if your body suddenly “breaks down”. And to make up for it, you obviously give your body the […]


How to deal with grief?

Grief-Depression and Mental Wellness - Cafe Counsel

Sooner or later, each of us will experience that dagger in the heart called grief. The experience of losing something we value or close to our heart is part of life and no one can escape from it. Loss has many layers to it – it could be a long relationship coming to an end, […]


Are you suddenly enjoying your own company? That’s good news!

Enjoying your own company - Cafe Counsel

Sometimes it’s best to spend some quality time with the world’s most important person, yourself. The more time you spend alone, the more comfortable you become in your own skin because you can truly get to know yourself. This provides you with more patience to accept yourself as who you are, where your life is […]


Mid Life Crisis for Women

Mid Life Crisis for Women - Cafe Counsel

Midlife can be one of the most stress-filled phases in a woman’s journey of life. It forces her to deal with the most complex of life’s issues and pushes her to look at who she is and who she wants to become. And this dilemma or outcome gives rise to what we call midlife crisis. […]


Mental Health: The essential of Self Help & Care

Mental Health for Self Help Care- Cafe Counsel

Mental ill-health isn’t uncommon in today’s times where people do multitasking and stress themselves to a large extent to keep up with the fast lifestyle, competition at work, higher standard of living etc. People with mental ill health are at a higher risk for some unhealthy behaviour. They may find it challenging to make healthy […]


Tips to beat Exam Stress?

Cafe Counsel, Online Counseling to fight Exam Stress

Exam stress is a common topic of concern in today’s generation. Stress, in usual, can have only two outcomes – Progress or Halt. This means that stress can either raise a drive or urge to work on your weak points or it can lead you to a downfall & dead end. Did you ever wonder […]