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The case of a 7-year-old girl caught playing Blue Whale Game should chill us to the bone

Mental health of teens

Just a few weeks back, a chilling phenomenon which was taking lives of teenagers across the world, came to India like a chilling slap; the Blue Whale game. It was a game of death, a game that manipulated the already fragile mental health of teens going through hormonal issues, and ended with the challenge of […]


Tips to beat Exam Stress?

Cafe Counsel, Online Counseling to fight Exam Stress

Exam stress is a common topic of concern in today’s generation. Stress, in usual, can have only two outcomes – Progress or Halt. This means that stress can either raise a drive or urge to work on your weak points or it can lead you to a downfall & dead end. Did you ever wonder […]


Communicating Divorce Decision to your Child

How to deal with Divorce - Cafe Counsel

This is blog 2 in the series, how to deal with divorce. Part one was written for the partners involved in a marriage and this is about divorce and how to deal with children post separation. Divorce between parents is never easy for kids. Kids feel a tremendous sense of loss and anxiety of not […]


Do You Hate Being With Your Parents?

Do You Hate Being With Your Parents

Do you know that blaming your parents can keep you stuck? It draws a terrible, an atrocious paradox, where: You are angry with your parents & blame them for being ignorant and harsh towards you in your growth years from a child to an adult. This has caused an urge to take revenge as an […]