Tips to Fight Addiction with Peace

Tips to Fight Addiction with Peace | Anger And Mood Management

Do you posses or are you developing an addiction? How do you fight an addiction? Do you think you are addicted to your thoughts? Psychology says one cannot change anything if they cannot change their thinking.

As a human being, you need to understand yourself in order to change yourself and quit your addiction.

An addiction is a kind of paranoia that one tends to develop for an object or a particular lifestyle choice/habit. Addictions can be positive & negative, weighing more as a negative for it tends to obsess you and your thoughts to a particular path. For instance, most people are addicted to smoking, drinking, shopping & even obsessive cleaning. A person can also be addicted to another individual. It becomes severe with time & tends to control your actions and thoughts as it grows.

❝Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol, morphine or idealism.” – C.G. Jung

Psychology states that the need of addiction arises in a mind that is vulnerable and seeking an escape of comfort and contentment. Any feeling of emptiness, monotony, anxiety or being caught up/controlled by people or specific thoughts makes the mind develop an urge to divert from the pain & ends up egging expectations and that energy to another object/habit/person in lieu of the need to satisfy and seek happiness.

Owing to the hazardous consequences of having or developing an addiction, it’s best to overcome it and reduce its severity.

Overcoming of such addictions is a long process, which is not at all easy to endure but results are worth the wait & always will be. Here are few,

Tips to Fight Addiction with Peace:

(1) Know Yourself

Before working on yourself, you need to know which page you’re on. You need to know exactly why you’re addicted to a certain thing/person/habit and you need to analyze what you feel. Take a paper and dot down the pros & cons of your addiction. Focus on the consequences that lay ahead your current situation and make yourself understand how it will affect not only you, but everybody associated with you a lot more than you think.

(2) Reinstate Yourself

Its time to redeem yourself and to regain control in your life. Are you feeble to let your emotions control you? Nobody is. Then why hesitate to take a stand for yourself? Addictions go out of hand only because an individual looses self-control and crosses levels of his/her primary character to experiment and in curiosity. So, the best way is to regain and reinstate the lost self-control. Not for anybody else, but for yourself.

(3) Seek Solace through Meditation

One of the most ancient & effective ways to gain self-control and introspect is meditation. Meditation stimulates your entire nervous system as you practice it efficiently. It heightens your strength to manage stress, increases emotional agility and diminishes your need to reach out for your escape mechanism – your addiction.

(4) Talk your Heart out

It is never completely an independent process – fighting an addiction. Be it a family member or a friend, seek a person who is capable of understanding you and what you’re going through. Please do not hold yourself from letting out what’s bothering you and talking about your addiction. Simultaneously, be decisive and firm about walking out from that addiction than just being more obsessive about it by just talking.

(5) Seek Professional Help

If you feel that all of the above are not quite working on about it, seek professional help. You can consult a psychiatrist if you feel your addiction is falling out of hand. Psychiatrists or therapists are trained professionals that know how to deal with patients having paranoiac tendencies; they apply professional ways to seek a patient out of the addiction. They can, as well, advise medication and suggest you practices/activities that help you out of your addiction.

(6) Avoid Troublesome Spots

All addictions have spots or actions that trigger a reminder of the addiction. Schedule your days and routines as such that you tend not to focus on the addiction because even if your system tells you that you require it, a golden fact is that you do not. You are a strong, independent individual who is smart enough not to be dependent on a habit or a person.

Therefore, addictions arise a fear of being more vulnerable than ever, resulting in the easier choice being to provide temporary comfort in unknowingly growing pains. There would be times you might think about how you’re being hard on yourself and you should let things be and to throw all this effort away. These are the times you need to remind yourself how you deserve better than the best. You need to know that you’re strong, independent and wholly capable of managing and controlling your emotions and feelings more than they have ever controlled you.

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