Why travel is therapeutic

Why travel is therapeutic beta.cafecounsel.com

“Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind.” Seneca

There is a reason why most of us pine to take a trip to uncharted territories every now and then. The desire to travel is inborn. While journeying to new places is a whole lot of fun, it can also be healing. The experience inspires, puts us in a relaxed state of mind, restores lost passion and does so much more.

Keep in mind

By travel, we do not mean the obligatory trips that you have to make for functions and occasions. It is more about the ones you undertake for yourself depending upon your mood and need.

Travel certainly helps in alleviating depression and stress to a certain extent, but if your condition is deep rooted and chronic, it is always best to seek counselling from a professional to get rid of the problem from its root.

Having said that, here are ways that taking a journey can help you…

It puts you in a relaxed state of mind

One of the greatest benefits of the right kind of travel is that it puts you in a relaxed state of mind. As you are well aware, stress often leads to depression and anxiety. According to the study published in Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, relatively mild stress too can result in long term disability and an inability to work. Research proves that it affects the brain function and productivity level by impacting information processing in the cerebellum. When the mind is plagued with stress, we often tend to concentrate on the reason behind the stress and not the task at hand. On the other hand, when we are relaxed, our healing process gets activated and we instantly notice a shift in our life.

Makes you feel alive again

Deepa Raj, a Chartered Accountant recounts her story. “After having two kids, I had just surrendered to the routine of life. But when I went for a Himalayan trek, my life literally transformed. I felt alive with passion again, just like during my college days. It was a life-changing experience for me.” Travel makes you step out of your mundane and repetitive humdrum. As you are unravelling uncharted territories and revelling in new experiences, it brings to back to you the lost zest and vigour.

The inner journey

“To travel is to take a journey into yourself,” Danny Kaye (Late American Actor, Singer, Dancer, Comedian, and Musician).

There is a reason why so many have received enlightenment during travel. An expedition is almost spiritual in nature. When you venture outside of your comfort zone into something unknown, you are taking a journey within yourself as well. The unique experiences and fresh environment help in rekindling with your inner self and you are able to rediscover your lost self too.

Helps you in getting perspective

 Sumita Poojari, Media Professional shares, “Many years back, I was stuck at a crossroads where I wasn’t sure if I should remain with my partner or leave him. Amid the madness, I just took an impulsive trip to Ladakh. Something about the divine nature and being surrounded by serenity gave me a direction in life. I had the time and peace of mind to think clearly and I came back absolutely sure that I had to get away from the toxic relationship.”

When you travel, you get cut off from the daily stressors that cloud your mind and influence your power making decision. You are able to take a step back and observe the situation from the outside. This helps in gaining perspective about different spheres of one’s life.

Break from the routine

Let’s face it, we all deserve a break every now and then. Imagine lounging on the sunny beach with the soothing sounds of waves or being on top of a mountain overlooking stunning vistas. Sometimes, a pleasant break from the routine can help in restoring yourself where you come back with a renewed energy.

Opens up your mind

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colours. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving.”

― Terry Pratchett, A Hat Full of Sky

While journeying, you often come across various cultures, landscapes that you are not familiar with.  and get to interact with different kind of people. All of this makes you see things in a different light and opens up your mind.

A source of inspiration

When Charles Darwin journey through the Galapagos Islands, it completely changed his life as his experience had a great influence on his groundbreaking ‘Theory of Natural Selection’. Travel can be a great source of inspiration. The stunning surroundings, change of environment, and relaxed state of mind can all come together to get your creative juices flowing.

Different types of travel experiences:

You can opt for a type of travel that resonates with you. The nature of it might overlap such as going on a religious trek to a temple on a mountain can be both spiritual and adventurous. Also, you can take a trip that gives you a little dose of all of it.


This would help in moving you out of your inertia, testing your physical as well as mental stamina and conquering fears. Think triumphing challenging summits with treks, enjoying various adventure sports such as rafting on gushing waters, going mountain biking through the jungles, etc. The activities usually entail being surrounded by stunning nature which only adds to the experience.


A peaceful as well as an uplifting experience where you connect with yourself and the Almighty. It can involve you spending time in an ashram, taking up a meditation course like Vipassana or visiting temples and monasteries.


As mentioned before, being in a relaxed state of mind can work wonders for your mind, body and soul. Take a break from hurried life. Enjoy moments by the beach, get pampered with messages and let the time be still.

Nature Rich

Nature is extremely therapeutic and healing. There is nothing better than being amidst the beauty of Mother Earth. It is especially desired in today’s time where everything around you is turned into a concrete jungle.  Think rolling hills of tea plantations, misty mountains, serene riverside and more.

Fun and merriment

Such trips help you loosen up and remind you that life can be thoroughly enjoyable too. This can entail taking a holiday with kids to Disneyland, going on a partying spree at Las Vegas or celebrating a gala or festival such as the La Tomatina festival in Spain.

Culture, art and history

Discovering the fascinating culture and history can help in getting touch with your own roots. It is also greatly inspiring. Unravel art masterpieces of Rome, uncover the rich history of Spain, surround yourself with the lovely culture of the Northeast India and more.

So go ahead and take that trip that you have been putting off for so long.

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