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Cafe Counsel - Corporate Employee Assistance Program (CEAP)

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About Corporate Employee Assistance Program (CEAP)
Corporate Employee Assistance Program (CEAP)

Corporate Employee Assistance Program (CEAP) essentially is an employee benefit program specifically designed to suit the need of the employees. CEAP can help your employees to resolve range of diverse issues, which may be affecting their performance at work, health and overall well-being adversely. CEAP is a combination of assessments, short-term counseling and referral services for employees and their immediate family.

CEAP is holistic in nature intended to guide the employee in handling day-to-day stress. CEAP program can provide complete confidentiality and a one-stop solution for total well-being providing adequate support and resources. CEAP can help employers improve productivity, increase employee morale and also prove effective is absenteeism and turnover reduction.

CEAP is holistic in nature intended to guide the employee in handling day-to-day stress.
Why do you need Cafe Counsel's Corporate Employee Assistance Program (CEAP)

Need for CEAP

The increasingly demanding nature of work and fast growing, stressful environment is compelling employers to pay attention and accept how important mental health care is for employee productivity. For some organizations currently, workplace mental health might not be top of mind, however, it would be their most significant, unaddressed reason for non-productivity. This is logical, as unlike most health conditions, mental illness does not show any visible plausible symptoms and further concerned about social stigma or job security, employees may be reluctant to share their behavioral health challenges.

Employee behavioral health is the most challenging problem for any organization. And CEAP offers a Behavior Reshaping program in assistance with qualified psychotherapist and cognitive behavior therapist

What does Cafe Counsel's Corporate Employee Assistance Program (CEAP) includes

What does CEAP include?

A CEAP program covers your employees and eligible household members, including spouse, children, and close dependents. CEAP services vary from on-call counselors to referrals, which can help them solve their challenges. When team members face rising stress levels, it can have a damaging impact on both their performance and productivity. Employee’s Personal issues can drain over into the office; having timely support can help employees manage stress and solve problems, which may possibly be able to reduce the impact on the company's bottom line.

Programs under CEAP include
Cafe Counsel CEAP - Direct Assistance and Referrals to Employers
Direct Assistance and Referrals to Employers

Our CEAP doesn't just provide direct counseling and assistance but often, employees may be facing issues that require external expertise, such as financial counseling, for which we can provide on-demand professional services. CEAP can directly help a company resolve ongoing issues.

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Cafe Counsel CEAP - Behavioral Therapy Program
Behavioral Therapy Program

Behavioral Programs under CEAP are designed with a focus on employee behavior and overall conduct. We intend to address those extreme disorders or mental health conditions that involve unwanted behavioral patterns like addiction, phobia, anxiety or obsessive-compulsive disorders etc.

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Cafe Counsel Finance, Family, and Focus Enhancement Program
Finance, Family and Focus Enhancement Program

Stress is a trending word of our everyday life. Work Stress is nothing but the inability to handle work situations, circumstances and sometimes demanding work cultures. Our Programs help the workforce burst stress and revive the inner energies to help them with a personalized solution.

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