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Feeling Stressed about your Child’s emotional and academic problems? Is your teenager behaving weird and you are unable to strike a conversation?

Children and Adolescents are dependent on parental counseling. And many a times, the fear and the regard act as restrictions in striking a communication. The problems in teens are of their own kind, they might be struggling with ADHD, peer pressure, learning disability or even intellectual dysfunction and they will not communicate about any of it. The general symptoms are silence, avoiding eye-contact, shying away from family & friends, nail biting, bad appetite etc., which signify that you might need a counselor for your teenage problem.

Our Expert Psychologists and therapists can speak to you or your child directly. The idea is to make them comfortable and help them open up. Based on the preference, the café counsel team connects with the teenagers through chat, text, phone or video call.

We help them with acceptance, eliminate the over-hauling peer pressure and guide them on how to deal with negative emotions and situations.

Feel free to connect with us and to help your child.

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